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LAST Minute Christmas Gift Ideas! (PERFECT)

Hello my loves and welcome back to my site!

Every single year I say this & every single year it makes me so shocked..but can you believe 2019 is about to end and we are going into 2020?

This blows my mind, yet excites me! It is currently Christmas Eve and my family is sitting beside me playing cards, right under the Christmas tree, with beautiful Christmas candles burning, whilst I’m typing away on my laptop. I really wanted to share my last minute gift guide for you beauties, because believe it or not, the shops are still chaotic with last minute Christmas shoppers running around, so this might help on Christmas Eve! 😉

The below gift ideas are PERFECT for the holiday season, as well as all year round. They are useful, beneficial and must haves! So I hope you enjoy it, as much as I had fun reviewing them!

1: The Beautiful gift of SKIN CARE!

You can never really give the gift of confidence to someone? unless you can give them great skin..right? In my defense, when my skin isn’t doing the best, I become not so much myself (if you know what I mean). However the second my skin is clean, glowing and clear, all is well.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’d know Ive been using Trust Beauty for nearly 2 years now. I discovered them right before I flew to Mexico and loved the way they made my skin look and feel.

They recently came out with their CBD range and I couldn’t have been more surprised! I have always been a fan of oils and always had my eye on skin rollers, (like the below), however never really tried a roller with an oil before, up until a few weeks ago and was loving every second.

The Trust Beauty CBD Booster Serum, makes your face feel so hydrated, nourished and refreshed! All you need is 2 pumps and you instantly look like you’ve been sleeping for 10 days (in a row). I felt so alive, clean and ready to take over the world..just saying. This combined with the roller and no one.. I mean no one could stop me!! 😉

The company also came out with their CBD gel tablets that can be a great gift idea or stocking stuffer to give to anyone that wants to balance their biological functions, to improving their skin health and mental clarity. Give them the gift of a fresh start in 2020 and I’m certain they’ll be thankful! You can take up to 1-3 gels per day and will feel and see a difference in a few weeks.

These products, alongside the skincare routine that Trust Beauty provides, with their daily cleanser, moisturizer and night cream, will give whoever you gift these to, the gift of glowing and smiling ear to ear for the new year!

2: The gift of Relaxation

Now I know relaxation can mean so many different things, to so many people, however if you think about it, we all may have one thing in common whilst relaxing…we tend to listen to music and the best way to do this whilst keeping in mind of others, is through headphones!

My brother has been on the look for the best quality headphones for years and through his experience, he thinks the Beat headphones do the job right! They’re great quality, perfect for the gym, yoga, meditating or just taking a walk!

Gift the below ones to a loved one and watch them conquer a hike, workout or just dance!

3: The Gift of being snatched

I have been wearing shape wear since I was about 18 and as a dancer I can confirm they made me feel and move much better! Now that Kim Kardashian has released her own line called SKIMS, it seems to be all the range! I myself am personally dying to try the new line, however have heard such amazing things about it and they can be a great gift idea!

They have such a wide range of colours and textures, you wont have an issue finding one that suits your family or friends!

What are your thoughts on the line? have you tried it yet?

4: The gift of knowledge

There’s nothing more I love, than to read on my downtime. The biggest aspect of reading that I love, is the fact that it inspires me to improve my life, reach my goals and chase my dreams and what a better way to gift that to someone?

There are so many books that have inspired me to become a better person and a few are below. I think these will be the PERFECT gift!

5: Letters…

Ahh just the thought of receiving one excites me. What a beautiful concept for someone to hand write something to you, that can be kept for years and years to come. It can be heartfelt, short or long.. up to you, but what a lovely thing to receive no?!

I have asked my family to write me letters for my birthday, graudation and any occasion and it really is the best set of gifts I have recieved.

Give letters to your loved one and see how much they will appreciate it!

Let me know your thoughts 🙂

What are your “go-to” gifts?

Until next time, I adore you all!

Keep Smiling and Merry Christmas!

How To Grow Your Lashes Really Long …Fast!

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Happy October 1st my loves!

So I just got back from New York and have probably experienced one of the most busiest weeks..and month..and year of my life. (Nervous shrug). However I can’t complain too much when my business is my passion right? I am so grateful to be doing what I love everyday, I just cannot get over the fact it’s October now. I mean OCTOBER! How?!

So before packing for New York, I was thinking “what are the essentials I need?” and besides the usual, I quickly made a note to bring my MD Lash Factor serum with me! Now if you’ve been living under a rock and may not know what it is, the MD eyelash growth serum is a small but mighty serum that naturally grows your lashes and makes them fuller, with no cosmetic surgery. Loosing lashes is common and unfortunately something that occurs especially in this day and age. With so many people not doing proper research and receiving lash extensions, to applying fake lashes incorrectly, or not removing their makeup properly..this all causes our lashes not to grow to their fullest potential, or shed. So just the way you need to refuel your body and take care of your skin, you need to revamp your lashes time to time. Your eyes and lashes are some of your MOST delicate features, so you need to be extra careful with what you put on them!

So if you have damaged lashes and you’re looking to regrow them, or you you simply want your lashes to grow and become fuller and longer, look into #mdfactor . The serum can also be used for over plucked brows..(this is NEEDED for everyone who had 90s included!) haha
The serum is packed with conditioner, nutrients like cytokines, antioxidants and vitamins, which will develop your lashes.
I personally began using it just over a month ago and now get asked if I have lash extensions on..(which I’ve never even had done), so you can say it’s a big compliment! 🙂

One dip into the tube is plenty of conditioner for both lash line, so you won’t even have to double dip!  You then just stroke it, on the base of your eyelids and that’s it! Some users experience a slight tingle along the lash line, with the first few tries, however this is normal!
Continue applying every night and see the difference it gives you!

Its so easy to use right before bed and early morning, that it wont even take up any time to apply. You use it just like an eyeliner and after using it continuously, you will see a difference. The one serum lasts up to a few months, so you have plenty of time to see the difference it makes.

You can wear the serum and leave it as is, or apply mascara and walk out the door, or take it to the next level and add falsies, to dramatize it a little bit more. Either way, your lashes will look different and feel different and you’ll be confident regardless! 🙂 See both looks below.

The product itself, boasts with positive reviews and feedback, which is always reassuring! 🙂

To read more on the serum and view their amazon profile click HERE and HERE! 🙂

Overall, great products come about once in a while and the MD Lash Factor is one of them, so give it a try and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

Until next time, Keep Smiling!


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5 Sunday Rituals that will Make your week ahead easier!

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Some people love a Sunday and some people don’t, but the way I look at it is, it’s your chance to organize yourself, pamper your body and create a fresh, powerful start, right in time for the new week.

If you do your Sunday right, (or Sunday afternoon I should say), believe it or not, you can get a head start to your week ahead and make it almost..yes I said “almost”, make it seem like a long weekend, every weekend. There I said it.

I collaborated with the lovely Thalita on this post from Hello Thalita and we each came up with a few dot points that have helped us stay on track, organized and ready to smash the new week! So enjoy! 🙂

1: Meal Prep!

Now I know not all of us are body builders, or into crazy workouts, however the one thing that I’ve learnt from my friends in the fitness industry, is to meal prep as it makes life much more easier and this way you can also save money! Throw in your favourite foods, grab 5 containers and within a productive few hours, you’ll be done and ready for your week ahead. You’ll be much more healthier, you won’t waste money with food and you’ll save time!

2: Do all your laundry and cleaning

I know what your’e thinking, “Lilian why would I waste time cleaning on my Sunday afternoon, if I can be having fun..?” well you see, the more you’re organized on a Sunday, you can relax and lay back a tiny bit during the week and by the way, who would want to come back from work and start cleaning on a weekday anyway? So make sure you have a clean and clear space, right in time for your new week!

3: Schedule your week

I can’t even tell you how much more better I work and function, once I know exactly what I’m doing. From tasks that are due, to fitness goals or other deadlines, the more organized I am, the better I work. Take a few minutes out of your Sunday afternoon and schedule in your goals, your workload and life and see yourself sleep more comfortably!

Thalita added...Find a way to plan ahead.  Think about the different things you expect to accomplish in the coming week and make the time, even if it’s for 20 minutes, to plan a little bit before the week begins.  By doing so, you’ll have some goals to keep in mind and will likely accomplish more.

4: Stay positive, even when things suck

Take each week at a time and consider it the start and finish of a story.  When the week ends, it’s the end of your story, and you get to start again next week 

5:  Plan on doing something you can look forward to

  At the beginning of each week it’s a good idea to make plans towards the end of the week so you have something to look forward to.  this will get you through those rough weeks and you’ll always have a light at the end of the tunnel.

Overall, life is so beautiful and we are given so many opportunities to reach for our goals, dreams and desires. So instead of life controlling you, YOU take life by the horns and show it, who’s boss! Right?

You got this 🙂 I believe in you.

Don’t forget to check out Thalita too on her website HERE 🙂

Until next time, Keep Smiling!

The benefits of BodyArmor for working out

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2019 is well under its way and it’s exciting to see those around you reaching their goals, chasing their dreams and ticking off their lists.

One of the things I had promised myself, was to become more healthy and fit in 2019. Now this may sound like one of those generic goals, however being a dancer for the past 23 years, this has been my priority for years. However, with a current busy lifestyle full of work, travel and running around, “you” can easily become a last priority, amongst the daily tasks.

After educating myself with health documentaries, books and speaking to those who work in the health or fitness field, it became evident they all mentioned one thing in common and it was to fuel your body back, with what you take out of it, whilst working out. Much like the way your car needs petrol to drive, your body needs the right fuel to survive and keep going. It needs it’s energy, nutrients and vitamins to do its best and this is where BODYARMOR LYTE sports Drink, comes into the picture.

My brother being an active gym member for a few years now, introduced me to the brand and asked me to see if it made a difference to my workouts. After burning anywhere from 300-800 calories a workout, it was important for me to hydrate myself, with the correct ingredients, so my body never crashed.

BODYARMOR Lyte became a great source of hydration and nutrients. Packed with electrolytes, coconut water, vitamins and being high in potassium, it is exactly what your body needs to fuel up, after burning calories. With no artificial flavours and sugars and no preservatives, you know you’re putting your body first when your drink of choice is BODYARMOR. You know its a great drink to have in hand, when top athletes and trainers like Don-A-Matrix are recommending it, day in and out. So give BODYARMOR a go and see the difference it makes to your workout and how you feel right after!

So giveBODYARMOR LYTE a go and see the difference it makes to your workout and how you feel right after!

You’re welcome.

Brought to you by BodyArmor.However all thoughts & opinions are my own.