Why you should say “YES” to change your life

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The word “Yes” has a magic touch to it. its stimulating, its powerful, its knowing what you want and when you want it. Right?

In life we are all given 2 options, its either a “yes”, or a “no” and most of the time, we may go for the “no”; “why you may ask?”, because its easy, it’s comfortable, it’s simple and not scary.

I use to think, the only reason people had an opportunity, was because it fell into their laps..it must be the only reason right? Never did I think that person chased for their dream to become their reality. Shocking I know right. However the older I got, the more I realized how powerful we are as humans and how I am 100% certain we are all placed here for a reason. Our own reason.

Below are my top 5 tips, on why you SHOULD say “Yes” to any opportunity that knocks on your door and why you’ll never regret it.

1: If something is meant to be yours, it’s already yours.

Now I know this may sound crazy, however I believe in the Law of attraction, I believe in fate and knowing everything has a plan and its only a matter of us, going from point A to B. So, if an opportunity knocks on your door and you slam it shut, why are you shutting down that opportunity for you to grow, for you to experience? You are ultimately closing the door on a journey, on a lesson. Now, this could be an opportunity that’s huge or small, either way if its safe to do so, what harm will happen from you trying it and taking the leap? Perhaps this will never come back to you and that in itself is sad.

2: They believe in YOU

If someone has asked you to do something, they most likely believe in you and that is why they came to you. My mum always tells me to “Strike the iron when its hot“. At first I never quite understood why she’d say that, but growing up, I noticed if you’re asked to do something, take it as a compliment and do it at that time. Don’t ponder on the thought or idea and take awhile to get back to the source. They asked you, because they wanted you, they believed in you and your work..so simply answer..”yes”.

3: “Yes” leads to more opportunities

Okay, you said “yes” and months go by and nothing. Nothing profound has happened, nothing out of the ordinary. However, who’s to say nothing more will come out of it? You said “yes”; there may be a slight detour in the works, however who’s to say you won’t meet another person on your journey, or complete another task? “Yes” will never shut a door in your face. Either way, it will get you out and about and this is where the magic will begin.

4: Surround yourself with everything “Yes” and see yourself change.

I know you’ve heard of this before and perhaps you’ve tried it, but have you ever noticed how powerful affirmations can be? Have you realized yourself, when someone else gives you a compliment, it makes you feel some type of way. You walk a little bit taller, you talk with a little more confidence. It helps right? Not to say you need someone else’s approval to win at life, but you do need yours.

I’m all about creating the right aura around you, for the perfect energy, drive and inspiration for yourself. Whether it’s creating a vision board (like I always talk about), or little post it notes with your favourite sayings, you should always encourage yourself and be your own number 1 fan, in life.

I came across a company called Sashka Co. Bracelets and quickly noticed how empowering their bracelets were. All of them being hand crocheted, they use the world’s finest glass beads and cotton threads, to create these firm, yet dainty colourful accessories. You can wear them by rolling them on and off your wrist, however what I liked most about them, were their message. From words like “Grateful”, to “Brave”, Focus” and “Fearless”, these bracelets will continue creating a strong and powerful mindset around you and remind you, what you may forget at times, to be the best version of yourself.

5: Positivity attracts positivity

Have you ever been to a party, where there is always that one person that is so happy and full of life and energy. They automatically have a group of people surrounding them always and usually become the first to start the dance floor? These people tend to always be the happiest in the room and almost automatically create a magnet like group around them. This is infectious, this is what allows people to pulldown their guards and enjoy the scene too. Having said this, being positive is like going to a party and drawing people towards you. People want to hear more about you, who you are, where you came from? They need more. So being positive, isn’t just about saying “yes”, it’s about putting your guards down and seeing others become more drawn to you.

Every time you’re about to make a decision, ask yourself this..”What is the worst that will happen? Just say yes and we’ll figure out the rest”. My motto forever.

Until next time, Keep Smiling


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