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My name is Lilian Tahmasian

Lilian Tahmasian was born in 1990, Sydney Australia. When she was only 3, she started dancing lessons and soon was travelling and performing in Australia, Armenia and Los Angeles. As an Australian, with an Armenian background, she has always felt blessed to experience the best of both cultures. Lilian’s mother: a dress designer and her dad; a musician, inspired her to continue to find many creative outlets during her life. Not to mention, her mother’s love for fashion, style and beauty rubbed off on Lilian from the very beginning!

It was always her dream to write and entertain, and it wasn’t until September 2009 that she discovered she could realize that dream. Obsessed with fashion, media and beauty, she began her own YouTube channel, while she studied and graduated with a Masters Degree in Media & Journalism.

Becoming one of the most viewed channels in Australia has allowed her to gain opportunities across the industry. Lilian was recently invited to appear on the Aria’s Red Carpet Awards to interview A-list celebrities. Focusing on style, beauty, fashion and health, Lilian continues to create videos regularly on her YouTube channel ‘Lilian Tahmasian’, providing reviews and advice to her followers. She uses her channel to also create awareness on self-confidence, the effects of bullying and inner beauty.

It all began as a fun hobby, and now Lilian has and is being featured in leading magazines like Cosmopolitan worldwide. She has over 7,182,850 views on her Style Channel and has become the 3rd most viewed Youtube Channel in Style and Beauty in Australia.