A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

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Welcome to Liliantahmasian.com where we talk everything, fashion, beauty, health and the grey in-between! As you might recall, Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and I can imagine the frustration some guys (and …

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Spring Pick Me Ups 2021 : Ft Babbleboxx

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Can you believe we’re nearly midway done with Spring 2021 and we’re gearing up for Summer already?

This past year was a difficult one for all of us, so we owe it to ourselves to pamper our bodies, stay mindful …

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Why Having a Morning Routine is So Important.

Productivity is a beautiful thing. However you decide to set the first few hours of your day, helps determine the tone for the rest of the day. If we roughly have a schedule on what will occur, what needs to be done and how it can be done, we get to control our day, rather …

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LAST Minute Christmas Gift Ideas! (PERFECT)

Hello my loves and welcome back to my site!

Every single year I say this & every single year it makes me so shocked..but can you believe 2019 is about to end and we are going into 2020?

This blows my mind, yet excites me! It is currently Christmas Eve and …

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How To Grow Your Lashes Really Long …Fast!

Happy October 1st my loves!

So I just got back from New York and have probably experienced one of the most busiest weeks..and month..and year of my life. (Nervous shrug). However I can’t complain too much when my business is my passion right? I am so grateful to be doing what I love …

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5 Sunday Rituals that will Make your week ahead easier!

Some people love a Sunday and some people don’t, but the way I look at it is, it’s your chance to organize yourself, pamper your body and create a fresh, powerful start, right in time for the new week.

If you do your Sunday right, (or Sunday afternoon I should say), believe it …

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