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The benefits of BodyArmor for working out

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2019 is well under its way and it’s exciting to see those around you reaching their goals, chasing their dreams and ticking off their lists.

One of the things I had promised myself, was to become more healthy and fit in 2019. Now this may sound like one of those generic goals, however being a dancer for the past 23 years, this has been my priority for years. However, with a current busy lifestyle full of work, travel and running around, “you” can easily become a last priority, amongst the daily tasks.

After educating myself with health documentaries, books and speaking to those who work in the health or fitness field, it became evident they all mentioned one thing in common and it was to fuel your body back, with what you take out of it, whilst working out. Much like the way your car needs petrol to drive, your body needs the right fuel to survive and keep going. It needs it’s energy, nutrients and vitamins to do its best and this is where BODYARMOR LYTE sports Drink, comes into the picture.

My brother being an active gym member for a few years now, introduced me to the brand and asked me to see if it made a difference to my workouts. After burning anywhere from 300-800 calories a workout, it was important for me to hydrate myself, with the correct ingredients, so my body never crashed.

BODYARMOR Lyte became a great source of hydration and nutrients. Packed with electrolytes, coconut water, vitamins and being high in potassium, it is exactly what your body needs to fuel up, after burning calories. With no artificial flavours and sugars and no preservatives, you know you’re putting your body first when your drink of choice is BODYARMOR. You know its a great drink to have in hand, when top athletes and trainers like Don-A-Matrix are recommending it, day in and out. So give BODYARMOR a go and see the difference it makes to your workout and how you feel right after!

So giveBODYARMOR LYTE a go and see the difference it makes to your workout and how you feel right after!

You’re welcome.

Brought to you by BodyArmor.However all thoughts & opinions are my own.

5 Minor Ways To Revamp your Look!

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The way you look and feel can completely change your mindset, your self-esteem and confidence. Looks are not what makes you attractive, wanted or needed, yet small changes can make you feel more powerful on the inside, mirroring your personality on the outside!


I’m sure you remember the last time you got a new hair cut, a new pair of shoes, or even a simple change of task in your daily routine, you felt more powerful, fresh and ready to tackle on anything, right?! Well I thought I’d help out and list 5 minor ways you can continue changing up and revamping your look. These will make you feel confident, powerful and fresh! Enjoy 🙂


1: This may sound like the biggest cliche in the books, however changing your hair from a simple, minor trim, to a new colour makes you feel like a whole different person. Hair is known to be like a security blanket for a lot of people, so it’s completely understandable if you have a hard time letting go of some of it (ahem ahem like me!). However last week I had a bit of a trim and colour touch up and I truly felt my confidence escalate. Now having said this, you should never rely on looks to make you feel superior than what you are, however it is a form of “help” when it comes to your self-esteem. You can think of this as an “extra tool” to add to your confidence. Right?!

Speaking of hair, if going to the hairdressers will cost you an arm and leg, in between hair appointments, you can always rely on Toppik!

Toppik is natural keratin hair fibers that make thinning hair thicker and bald spots fuller and it does this naturally too! It comes in a little/extremely light bottle, that you can take anywhere with you and pop into your handbag when needed; leaving you with instantly transformational results! It comes in a powder form and they have numerous colours to match your hair too. It’s inexpensive and using a little goes a long way. You can Thank me later! 😉


2: Cleaning up your look, with getting rid of unwanted facial and body hair, makes you feel and look instantly better! Little strays or fluff on your face, can be so easily removed with tweezers, waxing or threading and it literally only takes a few minutes to do this. You feel fresh, clean and ready for anything!  Make sure you apply some sort of oil afterwords, to reduce the swelling or red and you’re ready to tackle anything thrown your way!


3: When you take care of your skin, it speaks volumes. If you don’t have a set skincare routine, you need to create one suitable for your personal skin. All it takes is an organic/natural cleanser, a toner and moisturizer. I have always loved my facial oils too and this helps prevent any skin aging and future breakouts too. Apply your skincare routine every morning and night and within a few weeks you will see the biggest difference.


4: Tweaking your daily makeup will instantly change your look. If you wear makeup, you probably tend to wear the same or similar looks day-to-day. If so, try switching up a few products or looks and have a play around with what you normally tend to do. You will notice the difference and so will others.


5: Now onto my favourite point. A lot of people think revamping your look, would only entail what’s on the outside, yet it all starts from the inside and feeling your best, in order to look your best. Exercising a few minutes a day has proven to change your mindset, your look and most importantly, your health. Take a spontaneous workout class, a random afternoon run, or grab your friends and do something fun like skating or play bowling. Once you start engaging in physical activity, it will begin changing your appearance, physically, as well as help you mentally.



Overall, know how powerful you are in life. Take charge of your day to day and you will

see the biggest results. Keep Smiling. Until next time.

How To Stay Active, Confident & Positive!

It’s easier said than done and I know you’ve heard this numerous times, however remaining active, will allow you to remain stress free, less anxious, positive and more confident.

We hear this constantly, but do we put it into action? Do we understand the importance and power it may have?
As I sit here typing, sore from yesterdays workout, I remind myself, it may not have been easy to get up, put on some workout clothes and drag myself to the gym. However was it worth it? Yes.
Did I leave the gym regretting my decision? Absolutely Not.

There are a few things that help me stay active and happy. As a dancer for the past 21 years and an active gym member, I have learnt the necessities to remain happy and healthy.
Besides working out itself, these next few products keep me happy and eager to stay active!

– – – –

1: Vagisil ProHydrate Gel:

So many women have this issue, yet so many women are afraid to speak up and talk about it.
19% of females experience dryness down there and its commonly experienced once a week. This can occur whilst doing regular tasks, including working out. What Vagisil ProHydrate gels do is they relieve intimate dryness which can happen from time to time to women of all ages. The gel leaves your intimate area feeling more comfortable, so dryness doesn’t get in the way of your workout, whilst remaining fresh and clean down there!

Just the way it is so important to remain alert, with your vitamins, with your health and wellbeing, it’s important to keep your lady parts in check and healthy! 🙂

Vagisil ProHydrate gels are also a great solution to meet your needs as a female.  As woman to woman, it’s important to be able to  move comfortably and be able to stay active and workout for as long as you want.
In one easy application, it boosts your moisture and allows you to move freely, not worrying about anything else, besides what song to dance to next! 😉
What I love most about the gel, is that it has no added perfumes, dyes or preservatives. It is SO natural, you won’t feel anything extra, or out of the ordinary! You won’t even know you’re wearing it!

Give it a try and you can thank me later. You can find more about the product HERE
You’re welcome 🙂

2: The perfect Bra

So many women are so invested in what shoes they wear, what dresses and bags they have. However as females, it’s important to always have on the correct bra. Especially when working out!
We loose firmness, and experience so much movement whilst jogging, staying active and doing simple daily tasks. It is SO important to have the right fit, firmness and support when it comes to your sports bra. So the next time you are out and about, pop into your local activewear store or department and get fitted for the correct sports bra for you!
It can take as little as 5-10 minutes and it can save you a whole lotta pain and discomfort! 🙂

3: Water

This next one isn’t a tangible product, yet it’s as important (if not THE most important).
Drinking a Litre of water a day will change your life.
No, this is not a movie title, or a catchphrase, It’s the truth! About 8 years ago, I used to be one of those people that avoided water at all costs. When we went out, I had lemonade, I went to watch a movie, I had a boost drink instead.
It wasn’t until I began working out often, when I realized the importance of water. The way it made me feel and look.I literally began glowing.
Even now, I try to have 1 Litre a day and it does wonder to my skin, my energy levels and body!

Staying active, confident and postive can be your lifestyle change. It can be a change you create today and one that lasts a lifetime.
It can be a change that people associate with you, not only because you look amazing, however you act it as well.

So make that change today.

Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x

What Inspires me to Stay Fit & Healthy!

Good morning my Beauties!

I just finished my first cup of coffee and I feel great.. a matter of fact..AMAZING! 🙂
So I  thought I should begin the day off with a post, that will hopefully help some of you!

We get it..working out can be tough. Staying motivated can be a task in itself. However, if you surround yourself with inspiring things, sayings and mantras, the rest will fall into place.
I truly believe once you begin working out and eating healthy, you feel so powerful, much more driven and larger than life itself! So its all WORTH.IT.

1: Create a goal

It’s as simple as creating a goal. The goal itself does not have to be huge. Set a realistic goal, yet don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.
Step outside your comfort zone and begin your journey in health and fitness! It can be as simple as eating clean for 2-3 days a week, to begin with!

2: Have a mini shopping spree when it comes to workout gear!

I always find, if I buy new gym clothes, this makes me want to workout more and I become excited to attend the gym! (Crazy I know right?)
I recently came across a brilliant site called and I had no idea what to expect. However, when the below box arrived at my doorstep, I was gobsmacked!! I was SO excited to open this beautifully packaged rose-gold parcel!


So if you have been living under a rock.. 😉 Ellie is a subscription service that occurs once a month for people interested in new, cute and chic activewear pieces and products!

Each month subscribers receive items that are specifically designed to meet their needs & wants. So it is VERY personal! Colours, sizes and pieces all tend to change, from person to person.

  • You receive 5 curated pieces for $49.95
  • Every box contains  items, including a sports bra, a top, leggings and 2 pieces of fitness equipment! 🙂
  • Delivery is quick & easy and the staff is lovely!
I recommend Ellie for those that are excited to receive a little inspiring “prezzie” once a month- just for themselves! 🙂
3: Mini Lifestyle changes
I hate hearing about crazy, drastic changes people implement, because that’s what scares people (including me). I’m all about mini changes in your life, that you can make bigger throughout the months. This way they can become a lifestyle change, rather than a quick diet!
Example: Try including green tea in your diet. I love to have 1 -2 cups of green tea (with honey) every day and I see the change in my skin and my body!
4: Music
Now this may sound silly, but every time I pop in my ear phones at the gym, I become so crazy scares me! haha
I mean you have to pretend you’re all in the music videos too right? Anyone?!
And this is what inspires me to keep going. ONE more step on the stepper machine, ONE more push up..right?! It’s quite addicting!
5: You Feel Great! 
There’s no other reason anyone should do ANYTHING, if it doesn’t make them feel great ..right?!
There is NO other reason you should workout, but to feel amazing, driven, motivated and more energetic.
I mean think about it.. a 30-40 min workout is ONLY 4% of your DAILY time! 4% only people!
This mini task can create so much change to your body, your mind and your why not do it right?!
You’re welcome 🙂
Until next time, Keep Smiling!


5 Steps to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

It’s a New Year, it’s a fresh start and a brand new page in this new chapter!
Let’s make the most of it in 2017 and be the best versions of ourselves! So many people ask me how I stay motivated and fit to keep on dancing, working out or active and the answer is simple. I used to be a massive “yo yo” dieter. Everything I did was for that week or month.
It was when I was around 19, when I realized if I want to make an actual change, I have to stick to it and stay focused!

Below are my Top 5 points and tips to lose weight and keep it off!
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! : )

1: Set realistic goals

We can all be so tough on ourselves, however once we understand the importance of progress and slowly achieving out goals, we then understand the power of timing. 
Set realistic goals and start to achieve them slowly, yet powerfully. This will allow you to avoid any “quick yo yo” schemes. This will also help you keep off the weight, rather than put it back on quickly!

2: Understand the importance of your health, rather than your body weight.

When I first began attending the gym and working out weekly. I then realized the importance of what you consume and the power of protein. For years I always heard everyone speaking about “protein powder”, however I never really understood the benefits and power it could have had.

I began using 310 Nutrition shakes and meal replacements.  I consumed the shakes before and after my gym sessions and during lunch time or dinner times. They were made from the finest ingredients, which gave my body the perfect balance of protein, fiber and nutrients, needed to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  
It is so important to do your research about what protein powder you will be consuming and I’m so gLad I found 310!  My favourite flavour so far is the Chocolate one 🙂 (what else is new). 
They are sugar free, dairy, soy, egg, nut and gluten free, which are all a massive YES for me! 

It is so so important to give back to your body. Give back all the nutrition, energy and protein, especially once you workout and 310 nutrition has done that for me. They were nice enough to give you loves a code to get 25% off  their shakes, by using the code 3104YOU” !!

3: Understand the food you eat and the reason

We are all human. Sometimes we eat when we’re happy, when we’re sad and excited…I get it (I do this too). However, it is so important to understand your body and know when to at and why. instead of holding off with food, then binge is so powerful to plan ahead. know what you will be consuming and why?
Track your food intake. Stay organized with a food diary or an app and understand what you are eating and how much of it. 
This will help you stay on track and in perspective! I promise.

4: Make smart choices.

You can still enjoy eating and have delicious food. You don’t have to give up  anything. Learn to make smart food choices and simple substitutions instead. Discover healthy snacks and how amazing fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can actually be! They will also keep you fuller for much more longer.

5: Stay Fit

Whether it’s a dance class, a 20 minute walk, a hike or a gym session, stay fit. It may be hard to leave the house, however no one has EVER regretted workign out. You always feel SO amazing afterwards and you will look great! JUST.DO.IT. 

Until next time..Keep Smiling