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LAST Minute Christmas Gift Ideas! (PERFECT)

Hello my loves and welcome back to my site!

Every single year I say this & every single year it makes me so shocked..but can you believe 2019 is about to end and we are going into 2020?

This blows my mind, yet excites me! It is currently Christmas Eve and my family is sitting beside me playing cards, right under the Christmas tree, with beautiful Christmas candles burning, whilst I’m typing away on my laptop. I really wanted to share my last minute gift guide for you beauties, because believe it or not, the shops are still chaotic with last minute Christmas shoppers running around, so this might help on Christmas Eve! 😉

The below gift ideas are PERFECT for the holiday season, as well as all year round. They are useful, beneficial and must haves! So I hope you enjoy it, as much as I had fun reviewing them!

1: The Beautiful gift of SKIN CARE!

You can never really give the gift of confidence to someone? unless you can give them great skin..right? In my defense, when my skin isn’t doing the best, I become not so much myself (if you know what I mean). However the second my skin is clean, glowing and clear, all is well.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’d know Ive been using Trust Beauty for nearly 2 years now. I discovered them right before I flew to Mexico and loved the way they made my skin look and feel.

They recently came out with their CBD range and I couldn’t have been more surprised! I have always been a fan of oils and always had my eye on skin rollers, (like the below), however never really tried a roller with an oil before, up until a few weeks ago and was loving every second.

The Trust Beauty CBD Booster Serum, makes your face feel so hydrated, nourished and refreshed! All you need is 2 pumps and you instantly look like you’ve been sleeping for 10 days (in a row). I felt so alive, clean and ready to take over the world..just saying. This combined with the roller and no one.. I mean no one could stop me!! 😉

The company also came out with their CBD gel tablets that can be a great gift idea or stocking stuffer to give to anyone that wants to balance their biological functions, to improving their skin health and mental clarity. Give them the gift of a fresh start in 2020 and I’m certain they’ll be thankful! You can take up to 1-3 gels per day and will feel and see a difference in a few weeks.

These products, alongside the skincare routine that Trust Beauty provides, with their daily cleanser, moisturizer and night cream, will give whoever you gift these to, the gift of glowing and smiling ear to ear for the new year!

2: The gift of Relaxation

Now I know relaxation can mean so many different things, to so many people, however if you think about it, we all may have one thing in common whilst relaxing…we tend to listen to music and the best way to do this whilst keeping in mind of others, is through headphones!

My brother has been on the look for the best quality headphones for years and through his experience, he thinks the Beat headphones do the job right! They’re great quality, perfect for the gym, yoga, meditating or just taking a walk!

Gift the below ones to a loved one and watch them conquer a hike, workout or just dance!

3: The Gift of being snatched

I have been wearing shape wear since I was about 18 and as a dancer I can confirm they made me feel and move much better! Now that Kim Kardashian has released her own line called SKIMS, it seems to be all the range! I myself am personally dying to try the new line, however have heard such amazing things about it and they can be a great gift idea!

They have such a wide range of colours and textures, you wont have an issue finding one that suits your family or friends!

What are your thoughts on the line? have you tried it yet?

4: The gift of knowledge

There’s nothing more I love, than to read on my downtime. The biggest aspect of reading that I love, is the fact that it inspires me to improve my life, reach my goals and chase my dreams and what a better way to gift that to someone?

There are so many books that have inspired me to become a better person and a few are below. I think these will be the PERFECT gift!

5: Letters…

Ahh just the thought of receiving one excites me. What a beautiful concept for someone to hand write something to you, that can be kept for years and years to come. It can be heartfelt, short or long.. up to you, but what a lovely thing to receive no?!

I have asked my family to write me letters for my birthday, graudation and any occasion and it really is the best set of gifts I have recieved.

Give letters to your loved one and see how much they will appreciate it!

Let me know your thoughts 🙂

What are your “go-to” gifts?

Until next time, I adore you all!

Keep Smiling and Merry Christmas!

5 Sunday Rituals that will Make your week ahead easier!

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Some people love a Sunday and some people don’t, but the way I look at it is, it’s your chance to organize yourself, pamper your body and create a fresh, powerful start, right in time for the new week.

If you do your Sunday right, (or Sunday afternoon I should say), believe it or not, you can get a head start to your week ahead and make it almost..yes I said “almost”, make it seem like a long weekend, every weekend. There I said it.

I collaborated with the lovely Thalita on this post from Hello Thalita and we each came up with a few dot points that have helped us stay on track, organized and ready to smash the new week! So enjoy! 🙂

1: Meal Prep!

Now I know not all of us are body builders, or into crazy workouts, however the one thing that I’ve learnt from my friends in the fitness industry, is to meal prep as it makes life much more easier and this way you can also save money! Throw in your favourite foods, grab 5 containers and within a productive few hours, you’ll be done and ready for your week ahead. You’ll be much more healthier, you won’t waste money with food and you’ll save time!

2: Do all your laundry and cleaning

I know what your’e thinking, “Lilian why would I waste time cleaning on my Sunday afternoon, if I can be having fun..?” well you see, the more you’re organized on a Sunday, you can relax and lay back a tiny bit during the week and by the way, who would want to come back from work and start cleaning on a weekday anyway? So make sure you have a clean and clear space, right in time for your new week!

3: Schedule your week

I can’t even tell you how much more better I work and function, once I know exactly what I’m doing. From tasks that are due, to fitness goals or other deadlines, the more organized I am, the better I work. Take a few minutes out of your Sunday afternoon and schedule in your goals, your workload and life and see yourself sleep more comfortably!

Thalita added...Find a way to plan ahead.  Think about the different things you expect to accomplish in the coming week and make the time, even if it’s for 20 minutes, to plan a little bit before the week begins.  By doing so, you’ll have some goals to keep in mind and will likely accomplish more.

4: Stay positive, even when things suck

Take each week at a time and consider it the start and finish of a story.  When the week ends, it’s the end of your story, and you get to start again next week 

5:  Plan on doing something you can look forward to

  At the beginning of each week it’s a good idea to make plans towards the end of the week so you have something to look forward to.  this will get you through those rough weeks and you’ll always have a light at the end of the tunnel.

Overall, life is so beautiful and we are given so many opportunities to reach for our goals, dreams and desires. So instead of life controlling you, YOU take life by the horns and show it, who’s boss! Right?

You got this 🙂 I believe in you.

Don’t forget to check out Thalita too on her website HERE 🙂

Until next time, Keep Smiling!

Why you should say “YES” to change your life

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The word “Yes” has a magic touch to it. its stimulating, its powerful, its knowing what you want and when you want it. Right?

In life we are all given 2 options, its either a “yes”, or a “no” and most of the time, we may go for the “no”; “why you may ask?”, because its easy, it’s comfortable, it’s simple and not scary.

I use to think, the only reason people had an opportunity, was because it fell into their must be the only reason right? Never did I think that person chased for their dream to become their reality. Shocking I know right. However the older I got, the more I realized how powerful we are as humans and how I am 100% certain we are all placed here for a reason. Our own reason.

Below are my top 5 tips, on why you SHOULD say “Yes” to any opportunity that knocks on your door and why you’ll never regret it.

1: If something is meant to be yours, it’s already yours.

Now I know this may sound crazy, however I believe in the Law of attraction, I believe in fate and knowing everything has a plan and its only a matter of us, going from point A to B. So, if an opportunity knocks on your door and you slam it shut, why are you shutting down that opportunity for you to grow, for you to experience? You are ultimately closing the door on a journey, on a lesson. Now, this could be an opportunity that’s huge or small, either way if its safe to do so, what harm will happen from you trying it and taking the leap? Perhaps this will never come back to you and that in itself is sad.

2: They believe in YOU

If someone has asked you to do something, they most likely believe in you and that is why they came to you. My mum always tells me to “Strike the iron when its hot“. At first I never quite understood why she’d say that, but growing up, I noticed if you’re asked to do something, take it as a compliment and do it at that time. Don’t ponder on the thought or idea and take awhile to get back to the source. They asked you, because they wanted you, they believed in you and your simply answer..”yes”.

3: “Yes” leads to more opportunities

Okay, you said “yes” and months go by and nothing. Nothing profound has happened, nothing out of the ordinary. However, who’s to say nothing more will come out of it? You said “yes”; there may be a slight detour in the works, however who’s to say you won’t meet another person on your journey, or complete another task? “Yes” will never shut a door in your face. Either way, it will get you out and about and this is where the magic will begin.

4: Surround yourself with everything “Yes” and see yourself change.

I know you’ve heard of this before and perhaps you’ve tried it, but have you ever noticed how powerful affirmations can be? Have you realized yourself, when someone else gives you a compliment, it makes you feel some type of way. You walk a little bit taller, you talk with a little more confidence. It helps right? Not to say you need someone else’s approval to win at life, but you do need yours.

I’m all about creating the right aura around you, for the perfect energy, drive and inspiration for yourself. Whether it’s creating a vision board (like I always talk about), or little post it notes with your favourite sayings, you should always encourage yourself and be your own number 1 fan, in life.

I came across a company called Sashka Co. Bracelets and quickly noticed how empowering their bracelets were. All of them being hand crocheted, they use the world’s finest glass beads and cotton threads, to create these firm, yet dainty colourful accessories. You can wear them by rolling them on and off your wrist, however what I liked most about them, were their message. From words like “Grateful”, to “Brave”, Focus” and “Fearless”, these bracelets will continue creating a strong and powerful mindset around you and remind you, what you may forget at times, to be the best version of yourself.

5: Positivity attracts positivity

Have you ever been to a party, where there is always that one person that is so happy and full of life and energy. They automatically have a group of people surrounding them always and usually become the first to start the dance floor? These people tend to always be the happiest in the room and almost automatically create a magnet like group around them. This is infectious, this is what allows people to pulldown their guards and enjoy the scene too. Having said this, being positive is like going to a party and drawing people towards you. People want to hear more about you, who you are, where you came from? They need more. So being positive, isn’t just about saying “yes”, it’s about putting your guards down and seeing others become more drawn to you.

Every time you’re about to make a decision, ask yourself this..”What is the worst that will happen? Just say yes and we’ll figure out the rest”. My motto forever.

Until next time, Keep Smiling


What To Do if You’re having a Bad Day

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So we’ve all been there, sometimes you have a reason and sometime you don’t, but we all experience bad days.

It may be because of your workload, your surrounding, or just the weather, but know its normal and know you can get out of the funk. The below pointers, are things that have helped me be and stay more positive and I hope they help inspire you too!

1: Breathe

Now I know this sounds like the obvious, but really really take a breath. When you deep breathe, hold it in for 5 seconds and release. Repeat this for 2 minutes and see how your mental state, emotions and understanding changes. You can also try meditating, doing yoga, or as cliche as it sounds go for a walk. It’s life changing.

2: Focus on the Root

Once you’ve calmed down, if there is an issue, address it, if you can. If you are arguing with someone or you’re stressed over an exam. Write down a list of things you can do to alter the situation and begin your process. However if the situation is out of your hands, it may help for you to write things down anyway, to just release the tension, anger or sadness from your heart.

3: Leave your home

The worst thing you can do, is to stay and sit with your sadness, pain or anger. It’s easier said than done, I know, however try leaving your room or house and step outside for a bit. This can be as simple as running errands, going to the gym, or taking your laptop and going to the local coffee shop to get some work done. I’ve done this myself numerous times and cannot even begin to tell you, how much it’s helped me. Matter of fact I do this a few times a week, because sometimes I just need to see new faces whilst I work and breathe fresh air.

I grab my laptop, my Snapwireless phone charger and it’s as simple as that! If I want to pop out of my house, I don’t want my phone dying on me and it’s as simple as placing my phone on their gadget and you’re good to go! While you work on your laptop, its charging next to you!  It’s quite a light portable device that can fit anywhere from in your bag, to your car and pockets. They also have a magnetic car device too, which makes things convenient and handy. With express shipping worldwide,  your phone will be 100%, even when you’re out for hours. Click here to buy one!

4: Know how Powerful you are

Now, I know you may not want to hear this when you’re having a bad day, but understand the power inside of you. Know things are up to you and they can be changed at anytime. We all go through difficult days and ups and downs, however if we didn’t have any “off” days, would we appreciate the great times or the “highs”?

I like to think life gives us lessons and sometimes we see them and at other times we don’t, but they’re there and nothing goes unplanned. Each day brings us closer to our goals and dreams and it’s up to us, to see that. Trust in the fact that everything will be more than okay. Always.

5: Talk, talk, talk

Some people open up to others and some close off. However, I’m a strong believer of opening up when you’re feeling down. Call up your mum, dad, sister, your friends and just talk. Get it off your chest and let the universe help you get from point A to B. It helps every single time.


I hope these pointers helped. Just know I believe in you and it will get better if you’re feeling down.

Sending love and hugs. Keep Smiling.

5 Things I’ve Learnt Through Blogging

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Happy Sunday my loves; as I sit here with my coffee on the right, my sister sitting directly opposite me and my dog Bella not too far, I can’t help but to think It has been a heartbreaking week for us this past week. Isn’t it crazy how life works. One day you can be jumping up and down for joy and the next, bawling your eyes out over a heartbreaking moment.

I was just telling my sister last week, how 2018 may become one of the best years of my life. I ticked off so many goals on my bucket list and achieved so many things on my vision board, I can maybe say I’m proud of myself this year. However on Friday at 5:33pm we lost our beautiful jack russell Tiffany after 16 lovely years of having her. We had to put her to sleep. She had kidney failure and pancreatitis. We sobbed and sobbed, however I feel blessed to have had shared her for 16 years. She truly filled an empty void in our lives and did this during the perfect time.

My point is, isn’t it crazy how up and down a single day, week or month can be. However, you should always take a lesson from it, learn from the chapter and write a better one coming up.

So I took a few days off work and had the sudden urge to jump right back into it today, on a Sunday. I thought what other better way to start then “5 Things I’ve learnt through blogging”. Blogging has inspired me in so many ways I never thought it would. It has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone, try things I never would have otherwise and meet people from around the world.

Below are the top 5 things I’ve learnt through blogging and I hope they inspire you : )

1: Nothing fails like Success

A few years ago I came up with a theory, allowing myself to understand why certain things occur the way they do, in the time they do and that equation was..“You always think it’s option A or B right? However it always ends up being C. It always ends up being an option you never even considered, however it’s the most suitable and successful option for you at that time. So the second you think you failed and it’s all over, something better comes along and that’s your option C…this never fails. Trust me.

2: Protect your aura and vibe

I use to let little things create inconveniences in my head and bring me down, until I discovered they effect no one besides me majority of the time. I learnt to protect my vibe, my work and vision. In this circumstances blogging for example, taught me to fight for what I believe in and never let anyone else’s vision or opinion effect mine.

Dreams come to you because you have the power to give them life. Only you see your vision, so make that your reality.

3: You Get what you Give

The more valuable, the more raw and authentic your content is, the more real your audience will be. Your followers become family and they will support you and love you, if they see you put effort into your work and craft. Throughout the years, blogging taught me to better myself and my content, in order to reach for the best audience. Those who will love and support my work no matter what. So once you find your niche, provide value to your audience, protect it and focus on it the best way possible.

4: Always be charged

Now, I say this mentally and literally too. Mentally always make sure you do something with all your heart, energy and love..because it shows and it’s evident if you only put half your effort into any of your work and literally, make sure your phone and laptop is always charged and ready to go..(especially your mobile), as you never know what you’ll be doing out and about and when your phone will be running low on battery, or even die! (the horror).

I recently discovered SnapWireless, which is an Aussie owned wireless charging device, that allows you to worry about one less thing in your day, when it comes to your phone staying charged and ready to go! It’s quite a light portable device that can fit anywhere from in your bag, to your car and pockets and all you have to do, is literally place your phone on the circle gadget and that is it; It starts charging! They also have a magnetic car device too, which makes things so convenient and handy. You can charge on the go! They have express shipping worldwide and will get your phone to 100% You’re welcome 😉 Click here to buy one!

The worst thing you can do is not be on top of your business, your emails and social platfroms, especially when it’s your business. So look into SnapWireless to see how you can stay active online!

5: Say hello

This may sound simple, but I mean it. When you meet anyone, nice and say hello. You never know who you’ll meet, so strike up a convo and see a beautiful friendship grow. Networking is everything and I cannot even begin to tell you how crazy it has been to meet certain people in my life today and how grateful I am, to have met them. You attract certain people, so they’re there for a reason..keep them around you!


Overall, stay positive, motivated and driven. You have no idea what your future has in store for you and that’s the exciting part.


Until next time, Keep Smiling!

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

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This post is sponsored by J.ING All thoughts & opinions are my own.

We are all given such a  beautiful opportunity to pursue our dreams , reach our goals, to love and be loved and simply live. However, sometimes things may get in our way. Weather this “thing” may be a road block, a person or a  negative chapter…who knows?! However, we do have to try our best to keep moving forward and improving our quality of life.

Below are 10 very simple ways you can improve YOUR life and continue doing so, for several years to come.

1: Face Your Fears

The more you hide from certain things and tasks,  will not make them automatically disappear! Instead they will be lurking in your headspace and taking up much needed & precious room. Face your fears, better yet conquer them. My mum always tells me to grab the bull by its horns and never be afraid of anything thrown my way. Nothing is ever given to you if you aren’t powerful enough to face it, head on right? So prove yourself wrong and take on a task that scares you, better yet terrifies you.


2: Fine tune your goals

When you’re younger, you always think you have plenty of time to achieve that goals, chase that dream, tick of “THAT” list, however, when you look at how short our life realistically is, this should make you RUN NOT WALK to your dreams! So sit down one afternoon and re write your goals, fine tune them and refine them into weeks, months and years. Focus on what’s more important and what can take the cake. Then figure out a way to reach them. Then write yourself a plan A to B and tackle that!


3:  Ask for Wisdom

Growing up, I always thought how weak I’d look if I’d ever ask for help, or how much people may judge me if they knew I was asking for it? However, seeing my mum grow into such a powerful, driven and motivated person only made me question why she was the way she was and to answer my own question, was because she was never afraid to ask for help. She asked anyone and everyone “why, who, what, when & how” and she always achieved her end goal. So the next time you’re confused, uncertain of your next step..ask for help, people will look up to you and think “wow, she knows what she wants..kudos to her!”


4: Declutter

Now I’m sure you’ve heard of this, but have you tackled it head on yet?! I cannot emphasis how important this is! De- clutter your life, your friends, your clothes, your atmosphere and you will automatically feel amazing! There is nothing worse than having extra weight, let it be clothes, people or junk around you. It literally weighs you down and it also takes a tole on you emotionally, physically and mentally. Let go of these things, hold yourself back from certain people and I promise you, you will feel so much more stronger, powerful and clear minded.


5: Dress the part

Speaking of decluttering, once this is done, surround yourself with pieces of clothing that make you feel powerful, put together and confident! Once you get rid of the old, bring in the new! You can reward yourself easily this way. Have you ever heard of the saying “dress for the part, even if you don’t have it?” That is 100% true and it works! When you wake up every morning, throw on items that make you feel and look your best and get on with your day! I recently discovered J.ING  and their great quality clothing. They have everything from dresses, to staple items and accessories. I picked up their denim dress and feel like I walked out of the 90s and can’t complain!

Shop what I’m wearing above- by visiting J.ING and use promo code LILIAN to get 30% off your entire purchase.

6: Inspire Yourself

Whether it’s with a TEDx  talk, a podcast, or a chat with a friend. Inspire yourself to learn more, evolve your thinking and improve your mindset, your thoughts and understanding. For example, I can never get enough of TED talks, or certain Netflix documentaries. They inspire me and drive me to be the best person I can be and they work every single time.

7: Identify with things that make you feel “Stuck”

We’ve all been there. You feel inspired, driven and motivated one second and the other “stuck”. “What to do, where to go, who to reach out to?” This happens and you need to understand it’s not an “attack” on your goals or dreams. From time to time, you’ll feel as if you aren’t improving, you aren’t moving up the scale, however this happens in everyones career and journey. You have to stay focused and mentally prepared for roadblocks and to learn to let go and move on!


8:  Focus on the NOW

I myself have had so many moments and think “what if this & what if that”, however how will any of this change your future? “Worry” will not alter any situation or change the circumstances. Instead, know your worth, know your power and focus on your present. It is way too precious.


9: Be Kind

Now I know this might sound cliche’. However be kind to strangers around you. To family, friends and your siblings. You never know what battle others are fighting, love them for who they are.

10: Positivity is key. Always

Everyone always asks me, “Lilian, why are you always so happy?”.The truth is I’m human and like everyone else, have good and bad days, but why not be happy all the time? why not celebrate life? It is so important to ALWAYS see the glass half full, because why would you not?


Until next time, Keep Smiling!

9 Habits of Confident People

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If you take a look at a persons personality, “confidence” is a powerful force that can highly differentiate one person, to another. It gets people what they want, it allows them to dream, to achieve and live their lives much more positively. It all comes down to confidence.  You either get what you want, or you don’t.

Growing up, I may have been one of the shyest people. I know looking at my videos and my social platfroms, that may be hard to believe, however it was my reality. These steps below helped me and still help me to get to where I want to be.

I hope they inspire you too.

1: Find your goal and focus on what you want.

Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things and create a bigger issue than what we have. You need to always remember, creating a clutter free zone and headspace will allow you to think much more clearer. This applies for your goals as well. Create a vision of your goals and dreams. Then create points on how to get from A to B. This may take you days, weeks, months or years, however now that you have a plan, you are half way there. This will bring you confidence and positivity from the start.

2: Act as if it’s already yours

Growing up, my mum would always tell me to “play pretend” if I was shy or nervous. “Lilian pretend you’re acting when you go to school”, “pretend you’re a famous actress when you say your speech in front of the class”. She always told me to act as if my dreams were my reality and it helped me every single time.

If you think it, you believe it and you make it your reality. This comes down to anything, trust me! So, walk with confidence, talk with power and communicate with a force no one has ever seen. People will be attracted to you and they wouldn’t even know how or why.

3: Listen, but do  not take in other opinions

Every single person on this planet has an opinion and they are entitled to it and so are you. However, if you sit back and listen to every single one of those thoughts, you will never get out of bed, move or walk anywhere. If I had a dollar for every single time someone told me “No”, I would be a multimillionaire by now. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut instinct, your faith and passion.

4: Be Humble

When you truly  are confident and successful, you don’t go around bragging about it to others. Just the way if someone is truly happy, they don’t go around telling everyone how blessed they are. Act humble. Care for things that matter, love those around you and make sure your feet are planted on the floor. There is no other turn off, bigger than someone that has a huge ego. It’s not attractive.

5: Know you will fail at times

This is life, it’s our reality. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Be prepared for both, however always have in mind if something is meant to be yours, it will. I believe our futures are written out and it’s our job to go from point A to B and figure out the core. Once you fail, get up, dust yourself off and try again ? (thanks Aaliyah;)

6: Be overwhelmingly positive 

People always ask me “why are you always so happy Lilian?” and my answer is always “why not be?!” Why do we dwell on things we cant change, why do we worry about things that we have no control over? Worry about you. Worry about your dreams, your goals, your desires and I promise you, you will be much more confident, positive and powerful.

7: Take pride in your appearance 

Have you realized if you’re having a bad day, you’re most likely to be in your pajamas on the couch? That old saying of “even if you’re having a bad day, get up, get dressed and show up” real! I always take pride in getting dressed and showing up to events, meetings and dates, even when I do not want to move. Maybe its the voice of my mums in my head saying “Lilian get up”, or maybe its just me forcing myself, but I make sure I’m there! Even when I apply a little bit of makeup, get dressed casually and throw on some fancy jewelry, I immediately feel better and put together! I recently came across a lovely company called Ana Luisa and received a beautiful necklace and earnings. Each designer they work with, previously worked with brands like Alexander Wang and Ralph Lauren to name a few. Their jewelry is handcrafted, with high quality pieces for the everyday life. Maybe I love their pieces because it reminds me of the jewelry my mum wore in the 90s? However they are so beautiful, so elegant and chic. The jewelry I picked came in beautiful individual bags and are perfect to be styled, for the day or night. Ana Luisa was kind enough to give my beautiful audience a discount code for $15 off! Use the code “LILIAN15” – click HERE.  

8: Take care of your body

Confident people know what’s important and what’s valuable to them. Whether its a 30 minute gym session, a hike, a dance class or pilates. Take pride in what moves you, what gives you strength and power. Move your body, sweat, dance and see how amazing you feel and look!

9: Smile

Body language and how you feel on the inside, should showcase how you look on the outside. If you’re confident, you’re always smiling, your’e walking with great posture and without a doubt in the world. Even if you may not feel this within, “fake it, till you feel it!” Have you noticed the more you slouch and frown, you almost automatically feel down and depressed and when you do the opposite you feel incredible..try it. I dare you.


Until Next time

Keep Smiling!

Where to stay in Mexico City | NH Collection Hotel Review

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When I found out I had to travel to Mexico City for work, my priorities were to stay at a hotel that was in a great location, a space that was comfortable, chic, especially with great customer service, as I don’t know the language.   I came across a beautiful hotel called The NH Collection Hotel and never looked back.

NH collection Mexico City Reforma, is one of its many hotels located all around the world in 13 countries and cities. From Argentina, to Chile, Belgium, Colombia, Italy and Mexico City, which is where we stayed.

Being this was my first time staying with them, I did not know what to expect at first. Once we arrived at the airport it took us about 30 minutes to get to our hotel. It was located in such a beautiful and safe suburb called Zona Rosa. The atmosphere was so colourful, full of life and culture.

Once we walked into the hotel, we were warmly greeted by the lovely staff and were taken up into our room on one of the top floors. Walking in, each room had a contemporary, chic look to it. It was so peaceful, serene and beautifully decorated. The hotel staff greeted me with a note thanking me for my stay there, with a box of chocolates, (which had to be eaten before I snapped the pic! haha)

The views from the 16th floor was so incredibly breathtaking. The location of the hotel was set in the perfect area. Major monuments and landmarks were only a few minutes away from us and could be seen from our hotel. Iconic sights, including the Metropolitan cathedral, the Angel of Independence and the Monument to the Revolution were walking distances away. Once  the sun went down, beautiful music could be heard from the restaurants and bars surrounding us. It was the perfect sound to relax us and put us to sleep.

(The Angel of Independence and the Monument, which was a few minutes walking distance away from NH Collection)


With 306 sleek and minimalistic rooms to choose from, whether you’re on a work trip, a honeymoon or a family holiday, picking your room and view is so easy with the NH Collection. With their signature bathrobe and slippers, a television and a Nespresso machine, you will start your day relaxed and on the right foot!

We were staying with the NH Collection for over 5 nights and found they had excellent standards when it came to comfort, customized services and  a greater attention to detail, when it came to anything we requested or needed. As I was there for work, I needed to continue filming and the hotel was so quite and peaceful, I never had issues with sounds. Everyone was such a delight to work with and so understanding. We used room service at all times of the night and they never failed to succeed. They offered delicious food on their menu, including burgers, massive wraps and hot chips, to healthy and organic dishes.

Each morning we woke up bright and early and enjoyed their complimentary breakfast buffet. What’s crazy is that every time I heard “buffet”, I thought of anything but healthy, fresh, organic and well crafted food. What NH Collection delivered left me so excited to wake up each morning and made me eager to continue staying with them, all around the world.

I had never experienced such a lavish breakfast buffet before! From customized eggs, to pancakes, fresh and organic fruit, to customized smoothies and pastries, the list went on and it was never ending. Food was available to anyone, of any health circumstances, at no extra cost! They really took into consideration everyones health needs and catered to all. It was evident that they made their customers health, their number 1 priority.

(The NH Collection hotels breakfast buffet as seen above)


The hotel services also included a fully equipped gym  (which was open 24/7), a massive gorgeous swimming pool with a terrace, a wellness spa and wifi availability, to name a few of their great services. With the booking price being affordable, this allowed us to explore the city to a greater extent and come back to our beautiful hotel in the evening. All these services provided us with a luxurious, personalized stay and added a whole other beautiful dimension to our trip.  I was able to continue my online meetings and work in peace. I never missed an email or conference call with their wifi and for that I’m thankful!

Even the hotel’s housekeeping went above and beyond, cleaning and tidying our room every day. We would come back from a meeting, or a day full of sight seeing, to find our room spotless clean, impeccably fresh and organized. The staff in the lobby and foyer always made sure we were well taken care of and always asked if extra help was needed or wanted. We were blown away with their services and kindness, at all times of day.

Sometimes when we were rushing, the hotel would offer to help us get a taxi or shuttle to wherever we needed to be. They had set prices set up on the window of the hotel, which ensured us we were paying fair charges to the taxis and shuttles.

(The NH Collection Hotel pool and terrace above)


Overall, I would give The NH Collection hotel a BIG 5 out of 5 stars! They exceeded my expectations and helped me create a beautiful journey here in Mexico City!  Their kindness and unmatchable work ethic enabled us to explore Mexico City and come back in the evening with comfort and positivity. Their  5 star help will aways be remembered. I will forever be grateful for my stay in Mexico, because of The NH Collection. We truly had an unforgettable experience.

So, Thank You.



You can find more information on NH Collection Mexico City Reforma HERE or give them a call on Reservations: +44 203 4998 271 Tel.: +52 55 52289928

How To Trick Yourself To Being More Confident

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So many times growing up, I had the idea of how much life would be easier, if I was only more confident, more positive and more powerful. Looking back I truly wish I took life less seriously and had fun. I wish I could understand and realize that ‘everything was going to be okay!” I wish I enjoyed school more.

Having said that, primary school and classes can be tough if you’re not in the right head space and not feeling so confident. It’s funny now, as so many people ask me “How come you’re so positive all the time?” , “What makes you confident and powerful?”.

I never drank a secret magic potion to feel this way (I wish I had one though), however, I learnt to understand the power one can entail and the beauty of life. It’s so important you never let anyone dim your light, your dreams, or goals. So I’ve learnt to “train and trick” myself into feeling more powerful, positive and confident and here’s what helped me. Hope this helps you too.

1: Your Appearance  & Smell

Now reading this, you may think this makes no sense. However, let me ask you..the second you change your clothes and put on a little facial cream, or makeup and tidy up your hair, does this not make you feel instantly better about yourself?! Even if you are just going to lay down home all day and have a quite day in, make this a priority and I promise you, it will change your outlook on that day, your mood and drive.

Ever since I was young, mum taught us to look our best & smell our best, in order to do our best and it has seemed to stick with me. I came across a company called Sylvaine Delacourte & fell in love with their unique concept & brand.

I got a few products from them, including perfume, a candle and other scents and could not tell you enough at how surprised I was. They had scents that I had NEVER smelled before, which was so refreshing. They use plants and a lot of raw material to create their scents and like customizing their products to fit your particular needs and wants and I love that! Their site is affordable for their luxury products and they truly do make sure to cater to their customers, which is what I think is amazing in this day and age.

They have a bundle called the “$4 Discovery Experience”, where you can pick and choose a few scents in mini packs and it gets sent to you, for you to then order the larger perfume version of your choice. They’re understanding to their customers, which makes you want to keep going back to them.

Having said this, it is so important to create this aura around your home and yourself. Especially as I work from home, I like to start off my day right and in the right mindset. I light one of their candles, spray their perfume, get dressed and start my day. It makes the biggest difference. Try this yourself and let me know how you go!

Watch my video HERE to see the products I got!


2: The People Around You

Now I know you’ve heard this many times ahead, however this could not be more powerful. Have you ever realized even if you’re having the best day, if someone else is negative around you, it almost immediately affects you?! It’s true. It is so important to not only surround yourself with positive, driven people however to surround yourself with like-minded powerful and motivated people. At the end of the day you become a mirror of your family and friends and it’s important to have powerful figures around you at all times.


3: Create a Vision Of your Future

The day I created my vision board, must have been one of the most amazing days of my creative life! haha I actually mean this. So many things became manifested into my reality and seemed to become more of a “goal”, than a “dream”. They seemed to be more of a reality, than a distant dream. I stuck together a whole bunch of my “visions” on a board and began planning out how I was going to go from point A to B.

This has helped me immensely understand my vision to a greater extent and has helped me stay focused, confident and driven. If you don’t have a board I urge you to create one ASAP! Thank me later 🙂


4:  Just Begin

You heard me, it’s as simple as that. So many times we create these scenarios in our head of “what if’s?” These scare us, intimidate us and make us too nervous to begin ANYTHING new, but not anymore. Make 2018 your year. Scare yourself with your confidence and drive. You can prove yourself wrong in so many ways and let your dreams becoming your reality be one of them. Sign up to that class, read that book, attend that seminar and make those friends. You NEVER know what will come out of go!


5: Consistency

Whatever you do in life and make that particular task an ongoing aspect, it will eventually stick into your daily routine. Whether it has to do with life, health, a class or studies. The power is in your hands, you can make anything a part of your daily routine, if you continue doing the same task day after day. You become a custom to it, it becomes a habit and creates a natural instinct. So the hardest part, besides starting is sticking to it, Once this is done you are several steps closer to your dreams and goals. This will allow you to feel confident, powerful, motivated and driven.


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How To Make a Summer Style Statement

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Summer may be one of my favourite times ever. The days are longer, so you seem to have more time to do things you love. People become more relaxed, happy and carefree. There’s definitely a distinctive difference during this time period, for me anyways.

When it comes to fashion, people may think of clothing at first hand, however from what I remember, I have such distinctive memories about certain jewelry pieces I have worn throughout my holidays. Each piece makes me think of a day, a certain time and adventure.

A few weeks ago I came across a website called Roundins, with beautiful and incredibly meaningful rings. I was intrigued at how they looked and what was engraved on them. At a closer look, I realized they had sentences written on them regarding peace and forgivness, which I thought was so beautiful.

I have been lucky enough, to have met such spiritually and positive spirits and always found  meditating, cleansing the soul and having things like crystals laying around so comforting. So I was happy when I realized this company was built with like-minded people. offers rings that are created for those people who appreciate spirituality and practicing mindfulness.

If you have been following my channel since 2009, you would know this is something I always love to keep in mind. Positivity and energy is what allows us to feel good or bad, happy or sad and I find these so important. It was almost like these rings spoke to me and I had to have one.

Design wise, they are so beautifully and carefully created. It’s a very chic, yet simple design with an incredibly powerful  massage behind it. Their rings are not labelled under a specific gender, so anyone can wear them to feel powerful, positive and loved.

Looking through their customer reviews on their website, its evident how loved they are as a a company. Customers from various ages and different walks of life, can be seen showcasing their beautiful rings. Colours from gold, rose gold, silver and more are shown and it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Alongside these beautiful rings from Roundins, I had been looking for a bracelet or cuff to constantly wear and as much as I love chunky and thick bracelets, I wanted something simple, chic and dainty. I came across  “Stellan Paciano” and to my delight their brand was set around their slogan “Just Breathe”, which I thought would be so fitting to always have on your body. After doing a bit of research on the site, I realized their values were so similar (or identical) to mine. I always tell my audience to never be anyone they’re not and this brand couldn’t mirror my values to a greater extent. They stated how they believed certain values that one has, should never change. To never confirm to social changes or expectations and to keep things as simple as you can. Their brands message moved forward stating the importance of, “staying mindful to those around you and stopping to catch a breather once in a while”. ‘”Stellan” meaning calm, was only fitting.


These gorgeous bracelets come from a Scandinavian design. So elegantly created, they represent the Nordic Ideology, that with a good design, a human thrives and this helps with being a non judgmental person, accepting those around. Paciano meaning “peaceful”, also is named after one of the smallest villages in Italy and they are known for their simplicity. 

From selecting my jewelry, to the customer service and information I received. I am so happy I came across both these brands and I’m able to always have them on me now!

It’s evident, both Stellan Paciano and Roundins is built from the heart. Amongst having great quality people surrounding you, positivity, love and meaningfulness, it is known to believe that good products should come from a meaningful place and have some sort of a deep connection with the human wearing them. So this couldn’t be more fitting for those that want to remain calm, positive and mentally focused.


And as they mention it themselves..”Other than looking beautiful, truly great products should be able to express the values within us.”