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Cute & Affordable Bikinis | Yandy Review

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I always talk about visualizing your goals and dreams. I truly believe in the power that has and the power any individual has when focusing their time, energy and mindset on one or more dreams, to turn into their reality.

Going back a few months ago, I always wanted to go to Mexico and funnily enough a few opportunities came to film there, including a collaboration with Yandy; so I hopped onto a plane and made it to Mexico City and Cancun.

Now I have never been one of those girls to flaunt herself in a bikini. I have always been self conscious and uncomfortable. However, recently I thought why not? We only live once, let me wear a bikini with confidence and walk around the beautiful beaches of Mexico.

The first outfit I opted for, was this beautiful 2 piece set (seen above). It was so chic, made with great material. The good thing about this was this it could be worn as a bikini top and a coverup as well. It could be found HERE. 

This pink bikini made me truly feel like barbie. It was a thigh high cut and quite comfortable. I never use to be a fan of one pieces, however it makes you feel safe, put together and firm you know?! You can find this pink dream HERE.

Suddenly, I realized I had an obsession with metallics, everything from one pieces, to 2 piece sets and so on. I never wore them before, so it made me feel unique and got me to step out of my comfort zone. I found this mix and match set from their online store. I teamed up the top, with a slightly more fun bikini bottom. You can find the bikini HERE .Thoughts?!

I love playing tourist, so I knew besides bikinis, I wanted to have comfortable sets to throw on and go about in town. I found this lovely 2 piece set that reminded me of Jasmine from Aladdin. It was chic, stylish, yet not as fitting, which made it nice and easy to wear. You can find this set HERE.

Speaking of running around in Mexico and doing touristy things, I opted for this basic cropped tank top, with high waisted tights to make me feel comfortable whilst sight seeing beautiful Cancun. Crop can be found HERE.

I think everyone needs to have a red bikini, or a one set piece in their wardrobe..I mean what  better way to imitate Baywatch?! I mixed and matched a few bikini tops and bottoms and came out with a few combos.

These included Top 1 and Top 2

And lastly, I opted for this lovely grey, button down one piece. It was made from such thick material, so it was great for the support and look! This can be found HERE.

I had so much fun filming these looks in beautiful Mexico and they can also be seen in the video below 🙂


Thank You Yandy to allowing me to have so much fun on this shoot!

Until next time, Keep Smiling.

9 Habits of Confident People

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If you take a look at a persons personality, “confidence” is a powerful force that can highly differentiate one person, to another. It gets people what they want, it allows them to dream, to achieve and live their lives much more positively. It all comes down to confidence.  You either get what you want, or you don’t.

Growing up, I may have been one of the shyest people. I know looking at my videos and my social platfroms, that may be hard to believe, however it was my reality. These steps below helped me and still help me to get to where I want to be.

I hope they inspire you too.

1: Find your goal and focus on what you want.

Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things and create a bigger issue than what we have. You need to always remember, creating a clutter free zone and headspace will allow you to think much more clearer. This applies for your goals as well. Create a vision of your goals and dreams. Then create points on how to get from A to B. This may take you days, weeks, months or years, however now that you have a plan, you are half way there. This will bring you confidence and positivity from the start.

2: Act as if it’s already yours

Growing up, my mum would always tell me to “play pretend” if I was shy or nervous. “Lilian pretend you’re acting when you go to school”, “pretend you’re a famous actress when you say your speech in front of the class”. She always told me to act as if my dreams were my reality and it helped me every single time.

If you think it, you believe it and you make it your reality. This comes down to anything, trust me! So, walk with confidence, talk with power and communicate with a force no one has ever seen. People will be attracted to you and they wouldn’t even know how or why.

3: Listen, but do  not take in other opinions

Every single person on this planet has an opinion and they are entitled to it and so are you. However, if you sit back and listen to every single one of those thoughts, you will never get out of bed, move or walk anywhere. If I had a dollar for every single time someone told me “No”, I would be a multimillionaire by now. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut instinct, your faith and passion.

4: Be Humble

When you truly  are confident and successful, you don’t go around bragging about it to others. Just the way if someone is truly happy, they don’t go around telling everyone how blessed they are. Act humble. Care for things that matter, love those around you and make sure your feet are planted on the floor. There is no other turn off, bigger than someone that has a huge ego. It’s not attractive.

5: Know you will fail at times

This is life, it’s our reality. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Be prepared for both, however always have in mind if something is meant to be yours, it will. I believe our futures are written out and it’s our job to go from point A to B and figure out the core. Once you fail, get up, dust yourself off and try again ? (thanks Aaliyah;)

6: Be overwhelmingly positive 

People always ask me “why are you always so happy Lilian?” and my answer is always “why not be?!” Why do we dwell on things we cant change, why do we worry about things that we have no control over? Worry about you. Worry about your dreams, your goals, your desires and I promise you, you will be much more confident, positive and powerful.

7: Take pride in your appearance 

Have you realized if you’re having a bad day, you’re most likely to be in your pajamas on the couch? That old saying of “even if you’re having a bad day, get up, get dressed and show up” real! I always take pride in getting dressed and showing up to events, meetings and dates, even when I do not want to move. Maybe its the voice of my mums in my head saying “Lilian get up”, or maybe its just me forcing myself, but I make sure I’m there! Even when I apply a little bit of makeup, get dressed casually and throw on some fancy jewelry, I immediately feel better and put together! I recently came across a lovely company called Ana Luisa and received a beautiful necklace and earnings. Each designer they work with, previously worked with brands like Alexander Wang and Ralph Lauren to name a few. Their jewelry is handcrafted, with high quality pieces for the everyday life. Maybe I love their pieces because it reminds me of the jewelry my mum wore in the 90s? However they are so beautiful, so elegant and chic. The jewelry I picked came in beautiful individual bags and are perfect to be styled, for the day or night. Ana Luisa was kind enough to give my beautiful audience a discount code for $15 off! Use the code “LILIAN15” – click HERE.  

8: Take care of your body

Confident people know what’s important and what’s valuable to them. Whether its a 30 minute gym session, a hike, a dance class or pilates. Take pride in what moves you, what gives you strength and power. Move your body, sweat, dance and see how amazing you feel and look!

9: Smile

Body language and how you feel on the inside, should showcase how you look on the outside. If you’re confident, you’re always smiling, your’e walking with great posture and without a doubt in the world. Even if you may not feel this within, “fake it, till you feel it!” Have you noticed the more you slouch and frown, you almost automatically feel down and depressed and when you do the opposite you feel incredible..try it. I dare you.


Until Next time

Keep Smiling!

Affordable Swimsuits & Summer Outfits!

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My favourite time of year has always been Summer. There tends to be more events on, more birthdays and celebrations to always attend! More parties mean more clothing options and a vast variety of pieces you can wear and style!

Now often times, one thinks they cannot re-wear the same pieces over and over again. Now I may disagree if there’s a nice gap in between wearing the piece, or if the crowd isn’t the same, however you can easily wear and flaunt beautiful statement summer pieces, or bikinis, if done right!

I recently came across a sight called Yandy and decided to order a few pieces to see how they would come and how they’d look on me. I was so surprised with the great quality swimwear they had and how nice and neatly they came packaged individually. I decided to create a Youtube “Haul Try On” video HERE and showcase my initial reaction, how they were packed and how they looked styled on.



I got a vast selection of summer and spring essentials and couldn’t be happier. What I did like about the black romper and summer short dress, were that they could easily be worn casually with flats, or with a pop of heels and statement jewelry, they could be more dressed up! The online store has a huge selection of bikinis, summer outfits, dresses, rompers and lingerie. What I liked most about them, was also their customer service and care; as it’s so important to be able to trust an online clothing company and have communication with them, if needed.


I also decided to order a vast selection of one piece bikinis where you can see in my video HERE, including a vintage red lifeguard one piece HERE , a Brazilian football bodysuit HERE  and this amazing black one piece black top, that had a shoulder cut out HERE.

Overall, their site was easy to navigate on and find certain pieces from. They have a huge variety of clothing, so good luck not getting lost! 😉 Let me know if you’ve ever purchased from them and what your thoughts were.

Until next time, Keep Smiling!

Transforming myself for Summer!

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Summer is such a fun period to test out new makeup looks, new hairstyles & fashion, so I thought why not do a major transformation on myself and test it out, right in time for the hot weather?!

If you’ve been a reader of mine for a while now, you’d know my love for PerfectLocks! I came across them several months ago and have been in love ever since! Not only are they the sweetest company, they have the biggest variations and selections of hairs, extensions, tape in extensions, clip in’s and lace front wigs to chose from. I chose the 14 inch relaxed straight lace front wig and it feels like there is nothing on my head. It feels so real, I even fooled family members into thinking I cut my hair short! 🙂 Their prices range from $150 to $600 and its worth every cent!


The good thing about PerfectLocks also is, if you’re in the industry, they have a partner stylist program that you can join to receive perks and they have a variation of certain deals of the week when it comes to their products.

Besides the wig, I decided to create a sultry makeup look with the new hair do in my video over HERE. It’s just so liberating to know you can become whoever you want physically, mentally or emotionally and that is powerful right?!

Don’t forget to use code “LILIAN” for your next purchase from Perfectlocks!

Let me know what you think of my new transformation below!? 🙂

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Until next time. Keep Smiling.


Stepping Into Spring With The Right Underwear!

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This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Fruit Of the Loom. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

  Can you believe summer 2018 is around the corner? I know you hear this a lot, but this year is truly flying by. I remember those days when we were in primary school and I’d ask myself “when will it be Friday? How much longer do I have to wait?” Funnily enough I was in primary 16 years ago. That’s insane.

On this beautiful Friday, after being sick for the past month, I wanted to make a come back on my site with an article all about spring! This is my favorite time period as it’s not too hot, nor is it cold. We get to wear beautiful dresses and can hide away our pants! Days are getting longer and parties and events are more relevant than ever!

A lot of people ask me daily what makes me feel confident, how I style my pieces and where I purchase my clothes from; however more important than the dress or outfit in itself, is what you wear underneath that can make or break it. I’ve realized “underwear” may be tossed in the back of the list of things that may not seem to be important, however its good to keep in mind. This is what needs the most attention!

If you’re busy like me, running around here and there every single day, you need to wear something comfortable, stretchy, and most importantly, something that makes you feel and look your best! I recently discovered Fruit of the Loom and have been obsessed with their underwear ever since I received it in the mail. I wear the Ladies EverLight Underwear” from their collection and they are crafted in such a unique way, that I truly have not seen under garments made this way. They’re so extra light you forget you’re wearing them, they’re super comfortable, and the best thing about them is that they leave NO marks when you have them under a tight dress or pants! Meaning you can wear them with confidence and not worry about anything being seen.


Fruit of the Loom carry a huge selection of crafted underwear, from low rise hipsters to boxer briefs, to hoodies, sleepwear, including socks. It’s safe to say, they truly do have you covered when

it comes to under garments! Unlike other brands, they’ve been around for over 160 years, so they know people, they understand bodies and they know what the public needs and wants!

Other great qualities about the brand and underwear

* As they’re breathable, they provide a 4 – way stretch & this way, have the perfect fit!

* Very comfortable leg bands, for extra softness around legs!

* Made out of 100% cotton liner

* Made with a moderate rise, that sits slightly above the hips

* Sheer waistband, offers a unique and elegant look, with no lines!

* Come in so many staple and beautiful colours!

Now you can try the underwear yourself with $2 off all Women’s EverLight Underwear HERE with coupon code “LIGHT” applied at checkout. This code is valid across all Everlight products, and can be used more than once. This sale period will run May 14 – May 28 !! EXCITING! Let me know your thoughts on Fruit of the Loom underwear once you try it & have a beautiful spring!

Keep Smiling!

How to Prepare for FALL!

Can you believe August is nearly done and we are moving into Autumn (well in LA anyway) and back home in Sydney, it’s already freezing cold!
So, I thought this might be the perfect time to conduct my Winter style wish list! :  )

I will be showcasing items I’d love to have from one of the popular fashion websites Lyst, as well as my past favourites and obsessions!

Firstly, when it comes to winter or chillier months, the first thing that pops into my head is big fluffy, comfortable jumpers! I have always been a fan of these! I remember going to uni and being so comfortable, yet looking chic whilst wearing my jumpers, or running errands, or even simply leaving the house in them. I fell in love with the below colours, fabric and style!

Which one would be your favourite? :  )

This is one of my favourite from Lyst. The way it hangs on your back, gives it a little something extra! Find it HERE:  I’d style this with black tight for a more casual look, or even a denim skirt like the image, to jazz things up a bit!


Who said you can’t deck out in colour, in the middle of winter? 😉 I use to be so afraid of brights, up until I realized “why should I not flaunt them?!) Colour always allows you to express yourself, so why not do that? You can team up this yellow skivvy with  a leather skirt, or jeans! It’s perfect for a casual, or fun night out!

We can NOT forget about my obsession here…A nice faux leather jacket!! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know how real the obsession IS. Growing up, my mum would always wear them, so naturally when I was older, they were all I wanted to wear! You can make your outfit go from a 5 out of a 10, to a solid 12 (out of 10 😉 haha but really.

As for my favourite shoes you may ask..My go to in winter would be comfortable shoes to run around in and run errands with on the day-to-day. I wasn’t always a big fan of flats, however I realized they can certainly look cute with any outfit and there is no complaining involved 😉
I found the cutest white flats on Lyst HERE, would you wear these?

Overall, I’m brining back my old favourites from my winter gallery! Let me know which outfit below was YOUR favourite! I loved all of them for different reasons 🙂 Can’t wait to hears yours!








Until Next Time! Enjoy!
Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x

How To Change Your ENTIRE Look this Summer!

Summer is always a fun time to experiment, let loose and change up you look.
Now I know a lot of people go straight towards the hair lightening, tanning or switching up their wardrobe, but besides that, here is a fun and quick way you can change your entire look by 360 degrees!


I recently discovered Hidrocor Solotica lenses from Lens Replica and fell in love!
Now if you know me, you’d know I’m quite a wimp when it come to taking injections, visiting the dentist at times and this also includes placing lenses in my eye …haha
However, I was excited to give Hidrocor Solotica a try! So many great reviews were found on them and I thought why not!?



The parcel was delivered in such a short period of time, I was surprised at how quickly it came to my doorstep! The package came with the lenses placed in 2 different small jars and a lense holder. I received the colour “Ice” and because my eyes are naturally a dark green/hazel colour, the colour came out quite light blue, which is what I was opting for!

They were so simple and easy to pop in and it felt like I had nothing on- at all! They didn’t itch, move or irritate my eyes. You can find my lenses HERE. Let me know what you think! : )




I styled the lenses with this 2 piece, taupe coloured ensemble, alongside pink babydoll heels.
I truly felt like jenny from the block here! haha (don’t we all wish!)

I think its the perfect summer look, yet not something expected at all. It’s different and not your typical floral design, yet tan and chic!
Comment below your thoughts on the whole look and outfit!

Until next time, Sending Kisses!

Keep Smiling!



Admit it or not, Kim Kardashian has become some sort of a style icon in the past few years. She’s daring, bold and isn’t afraid of change. When I think of her, I think confident, chic and sexy!
So I thought I’d recreate a few of her famous looks and also create a style like diary, to put together outfits inspired by her brand and look! 🙂
There was no other place I would go straight to, to do this task, than HotMiamiStyles! 
Everyone ALWAYS asks me, where I shop, where I purchase my style from and what inspires me and often times I always have the same old response…HotMiamiStyles. Their outfits are so nicely put together, thick and created truly with great fabric!
I constantly wear their jeans, their coats and their one pieces. They have never tarnished on me, never ripped apart or torn. Ever.
…and for that I’m grateful : )

I like to call this first outfit 90’s Chic! 
It’s gold, it’s backless and it screams out stylish!

I decided to pair this gold halter neck top, with these tight black jeans and call it a day.
It’s comfortable, sexy and chic!
What do you think?! 

Jeans: HERE


Growing up, I have always loved my pinks and taupes. However this blush colour gives life a whole new meaning! : )
Welcome to Modern Blush!
Such a comfortable 2 piece outfit! With a long coat, it’s the perfect duo… Colour wise and look wise!
You can always dress this look UP or DOWN!
2 Piece: HERE
Coat: HERE 



This look was surely inspired by Kim Kardashian’s VMA’S look I believe.
It’s sexy, stylish and it stands out! It’s AWARD SHOW CHIC!
I feel like this would be the perfect LBD to have in your wardrobe and it needs little to accessorize with! Thoughts?!
Dress: HERE 




Now, last but not least.. I had to have some sort of a gown thrown into the mix!
I have always had a thing for gold and black and together ..even better!!
When I saw the below dress, I fell in love! It’s so wearable at an event, a wedding or any special occasion. It has the right amount of style to question people and grab their attention!

It’s a Gold love Affair!

Dress: HERE 





Let me know which outfit was YOUR FAV and don’t forget to watch the video below!


Until next time..Keep Smiling!
Love Lilian x


My Coachella Experience 2017 | Smashbox Event

There’s events, then there are Smashbox Events.

Last Friday I headed to the desert in Palm Springs to experience Coachella and a few events.
It would have been my first time attending the Festival events, so I had no idea what to expect.

My sister Sarah and I arrived in Palm Desert early morning at around 10 am and let me tell you the 2 hour drive was worth it. The serenity in the desert, the quite and the calm, is something you can never replicate. Untouched land, with beautiful windmills. It really was like a movie.

We got ready and were waiting for our car to pick us up from Smashbox Cosmetics. 
The car drove us about 10 minutes away from where we initially were, into the hills. Sarah and  I then walked into a beautifully setup mansion.


There were Smashbox inflated lips everywhere! Red, blue, pink and blue and they were all gorgeous. The venue had a pool, a tennis court and even a zen garden. Fancy.



We spoke amongst people and they were all incredibly lovely. We received a palm reading, hair and makeup and of course, a few drinks.
However, what got me the most excited was the food. The food people. So delicious, refreshing and perfect for the desert. We had so many tacos, I was surprised we were able to keep it together.


I am so grateful to work with the brands I do, however Smashbox always makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. I wear their “Always On matte Liquid lipsticks” every single day and simply never get tired of them.

Thank You to Smashbox for having us! We had a blast 🙂


Dress: HotMiamiStyles 


Dress: OneHoneyBoutique 

Which outfit has been your favourite so far? Comment Below!

Until next time.
Keep Smiling x


New Years Eve Outfit Ideas | 2016

New Years Eve has always been one of my Favourite Holidays! 
There is something in the air that day! Everyone’s excited to see the beginning of the New Year, yet a bit down, knowing the year they lived will never come back. There’s anticipation in the air, motivation and drive to begin a fresh new chapter and nothing gets more exciting than that! 

Days are full of promise, love and hope. Lists are made, resolutions are written and as always, the unexpected occurs. It is my favourite day. 

To celebrate the start of this new year and this new chapter, I have created one of my favourite videos yet, with Richard from helivisionsolutions. We decided to create a video that I had never done before and I loved every second of it!  

Below, I will attach the video we created, alongside my favourite pieces to wear on New Years!
There’s something for everyone 🙂 





Every time I think if New Years, I think of Glam! Big! Beautiful! ( I had to include an eye popping gown in here somewhere! 😉 When I saw this dress from Sheike,  (Similar Dress HERE) I had to have it!
The fabric and material is made so well and so thick, its one of those dresses that will last forever! Its body hugging, snug and hugs you in all the right places!



I don’t think enough credit goes to mid length dresses! I was always afraid to wear them, as I’m quite petite myself, however I decided to try on this beautiful white lace dress from DollHouse Design and fell in love!
It is so simple, yet so elegant. Its the perfect dress to “dress up” or “dress down” : )



As I was having a “Mid length dress moment”, I also wanted to try on this beautiful red one from Dollhouse Designs.  The colour stands out, its so comfortable to wear and easy to accessories with! 🙂


Not everyone wants to dress up and wear fancy shmancy outfits for New I also styled this gorgeous, chic and comfortable set from Boohoo! : )

I know its a bit unusual, however I decided to style this one piece swimming cozi (similar HERE)  with these cream pants. They go so well together and it may just be my new favourite everyday outfit! ; )

Let me know which outfit was YOUR FAV in the comment below!
I had SO much fun filming this video, so please don’t forget t watch it below and give it a Thumbs UP 🙂 Please Subscribe to my channel also!

Until Next Time..Keep Smiling

Love Lilian x