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How To Change Your ENTIRE Look this Summer!

Summer is always a fun time to experiment, let loose and change up you look.
Now I know a lot of people go straight towards the hair lightening, tanning or switching up their wardrobe, but besides that, here is a fun and quick way you can change your entire look by 360 …


Admit it or not, Kim Kardashian has become some sort of a style icon in the past few years. She’s daring, bold and isn’t afraid of change. When I think of her, I think confident, chic and sexy!
So I thought I’d recreate a few of her famous looks …

My Coachella Experience 2017 | Smashbox Event

There’s events, then there are Smashbox Events.

Last Friday I headed to the desert in Palm Springs to experience Coachella and a few events.
It would have been my first time attending the Festival events, so I had no idea what to expect.

My sister Sarah …

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas | 2016

New Years Eve has always been one of my Favourite Holidays! 
There is something in the air that day! Everyone’s excited to see the beginning of the New Year, yet a bit down, knowing the year they lived will never come back. There’s anticipation in the air, motivation and drive to begin a fresh …

Holiday Outfit Party Ideas!

It’s the best time of the year finally, you get to spend more time with family and friends, you tend to be on holidays, so you become more relaxed and positive.
There are plenty of Holiday and Christmas parties going around, So what better way than to knock off the Christmas season, with Holiday …

From Laid-Back to Luxurious: NYE Looks for Everyone

For a lot of women, New Year’s Eve is a time to turn up the glitz, glam, and sparkle. Yes, you may need that glittering dress and statement shoes, or black tie-ready gown. But sometimes the event you’re attending may not call for an outfit that emulates the dance floor disco ball. Luckily, this post will …