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LAST Minute Christmas Gift Ideas! (PERFECT)

Hello my loves and welcome back to my site!

Every single year I say this & every single year it makes me so shocked..but can you believe 2019 is about to end and we are going into 2020?

This blows my mind, yet excites me! It is currently Christmas Eve and my family is sitting beside me playing cards, right under the Christmas tree, with beautiful Christmas candles burning, whilst I’m typing away on my laptop. I really wanted to share my last minute gift guide for you beauties, because believe it or not, the shops are still chaotic with last minute Christmas shoppers running around, so this might help on Christmas Eve! 😉

The below gift ideas are PERFECT for the holiday season, as well as all year round. They are useful, beneficial and must haves! So I hope you enjoy it, as much as I had fun reviewing them!

1: The Beautiful gift of SKIN CARE!

You can never really give the gift of confidence to someone? unless you can give them great skin..right? In my defense, when my skin isn’t doing the best, I become not so much myself (if you know what I mean). However the second my skin is clean, glowing and clear, all is well.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’d know Ive been using Trust Beauty for nearly 2 years now. I discovered them right before I flew to Mexico and loved the way they made my skin look and feel.

They recently came out with their CBD range and I couldn’t have been more surprised! I have always been a fan of oils and always had my eye on skin rollers, (like the below), however never really tried a roller with an oil before, up until a few weeks ago and was loving every second.

The Trust Beauty CBD Booster Serum, makes your face feel so hydrated, nourished and refreshed! All you need is 2 pumps and you instantly look like you’ve been sleeping for 10 days (in a row). I felt so alive, clean and ready to take over the world..just saying. This combined with the roller and no one.. I mean no one could stop me!! 😉

The company also came out with their CBD gel tablets that can be a great gift idea or stocking stuffer to give to anyone that wants to balance their biological functions, to improving their skin health and mental clarity. Give them the gift of a fresh start in 2020 and I’m certain they’ll be thankful! You can take up to 1-3 gels per day and will feel and see a difference in a few weeks.

These products, alongside the skincare routine that Trust Beauty provides, with their daily cleanser, moisturizer and night cream, will give whoever you gift these to, the gift of glowing and smiling ear to ear for the new year!

2: The gift of Relaxation

Now I know relaxation can mean so many different things, to so many people, however if you think about it, we all may have one thing in common whilst relaxing…we tend to listen to music and the best way to do this whilst keeping in mind of others, is through headphones!

My brother has been on the look for the best quality headphones for years and through his experience, he thinks the Beat headphones do the job right! They’re great quality, perfect for the gym, yoga, meditating or just taking a walk!

Gift the below ones to a loved one and watch them conquer a hike, workout or just dance!

3: The Gift of being snatched

I have been wearing shape wear since I was about 18 and as a dancer I can confirm they made me feel and move much better! Now that Kim Kardashian has released her own line called SKIMS, it seems to be all the range! I myself am personally dying to try the new line, however have heard such amazing things about it and they can be a great gift idea!

They have such a wide range of colours and textures, you wont have an issue finding one that suits your family or friends!

What are your thoughts on the line? have you tried it yet?

4: The gift of knowledge

There’s nothing more I love, than to read on my downtime. The biggest aspect of reading that I love, is the fact that it inspires me to improve my life, reach my goals and chase my dreams and what a better way to gift that to someone?

There are so many books that have inspired me to become a better person and a few are below. I think these will be the PERFECT gift!

5: Letters…

Ahh just the thought of receiving one excites me. What a beautiful concept for someone to hand write something to you, that can be kept for years and years to come. It can be heartfelt, short or long.. up to you, but what a lovely thing to receive no?!

I have asked my family to write me letters for my birthday, graudation and any occasion and it really is the best set of gifts I have recieved.

Give letters to your loved one and see how much they will appreciate it!

Let me know your thoughts 🙂

What are your “go-to” gifts?

Until next time, I adore you all!

Keep Smiling and Merry Christmas!

How To Pamper Yourself like a Star & renew your skin!

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This post is sponsored by

It is so important to rejuvenate yourself physically, mentally and spiritually and sometimes that entails time off, even if its for an hour or two. We all love feeling pampered and relaxed, however how do we know what products to gravitate towards? How do we know what will sit well with us, or our skin? Well since the Oscars are coming up, I thought what better way to remind us all to take a moment for ourselves and pamper ourselves like the stars, then now.

Well I’ve got news for you! My skin has never looked better and its all thanks to the products Ive been using and the clean foods I’ve been eating and its crazy the impact its had on me.

I recently discovered Babbleboxx and was given the chance to test out top quality products and services and let me tell you how fun it was! All the essentials below are affordable and will make you feel and look amazing!

So firstly, I began my Glow & Go 30 minute VIP express treatment at the Hand & Stone Spa. They combined red LED light therapy, which stimulated collagen on my skin with various products and peels to give me that instantly toned, tightened, contoured and youthful glow. The whole process was such a relaxing experience and the staff was so lovely. Mind You, I was about to fall asleep a few times throughout the facial. Not complaining.

The lovely facialist then extracted the blackheads on my face and let me tell you, there was nothing more satisfying than what I felt! Almost immediately after, my skin was glowing and my pores seemed to have shrunk! She then proceeded to use the Dermalogica Biolumin C- A high-performance Vitamin C serum that brightened and firm my skin. This also dramatically reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which is a bonus!

(As seen above) I came out looking energized, with no puffy dark circles around my eyes or redness, which was news to me!
Once I was done with the facial, I was told to continue on with my skincare regime and not to forget to include my neck, which is what I did.
Hand & Stone was kind enough to offer you beauties a discount code! Woohoo, so use code “RedCarpet” for 50% off our Red LED upgrade.

At participating locations

Valid until 2/28/19

Next on the list, is all about having a great hand and body cream to pamper yourself with! LA has been freezing so far and my hands have actually been peeling and even worse…in pain because of the cold. So it’s important to ensure you’re protected with the right formula and cream on stand by!

Babblebox sent over their Gold Q – Topical relief cream, which has an oil blend of rich hemp seeds, that is plant based, gluten-free and paraben-free. This helps provide optimal absorption in an organic, hydrating lotion base, leaving your body and skin soft, pain free and feeling beautiful! They also sent over their hand Restoration cream, which tackles dry/cracked hands..which hello is needed. The main thing is, not to forget about your hands when pampering yourself ,because you need to ensure they’re smooth, with no painful veins popping up…especially if you’re like me and you talk with your hands all the time! So take care of them and try using this deep penetrating formula and let me know what you think!

Use code GOODASGOLD20 for 20% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE thru 3/25/19

Now onto the Beauty! Once you’re done with the foundation of your pamper routine (whatever the face and body needs), we can move onto the nails, lashes, lips and brushes!

Now, if you’ve seen me out and about, chances are you know I need to always have my nails done. I like to do them myself most of the time, as its quick and easy. I pop on some Perfect Formula’s Gel Coat Color in Dazzle and then sometimes go over it with a nice satin coat of “Dazzle”. Their formula makes your nails strong and thick and the polish itself lasts for a while. It also strengthens and protects your natural nails, so you can continue having healthy nails and have nothing to worry about there!

Use code redcarpet for 20% OFF your purchase. Valid through 3/31/2019

When it comes to lashes and lippies! I love trying out new things and experimenting with certain products. GrandeLASH-MD is known for their product being the best of the best! It makes your lashes long, thick and fluffy, (and it’s all 100% all your own!) I mean..the product has won awards in other words!
The serum is known to enhance your lashes in only 4-6 weeks and give you max results in just 3 months! They also have a duo product called GrandeLIPS Plumping Liquid Lipstick, where it gives you an instant plump in literally 3-5 minutes. So if you’re having one of those pamper nights and want to test out big lips? Perhaps give it a try 😉

Use code BABBLE10 for 10% Off Entire Order. No min. No expiration date.

Lastly, to apply your makeup just like some celebrity artists would apply to their clients, go ahead and use the Moda Metallics Total Face Flip Kit ,in Gold! Its a smaller kit, but it includes everything you need for a full face of makeup! The brushes are waterproof, with ultra soft bristles and professional quality metallic handles, so they never get ruined!

Use code MODAXBABBLE – 20% off of order, one time use, valid through 3/30/19

How are you going to celebrate the oscars? Are you going to have a pamper session as well? Keep me posted!

Also visit HERE to enter a MASSIVE Giveaway of all the goodies mentioned!


Until next time

How to Remove your makeup in 2 Minutes

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Can you believe 2018 officially ended? When did our days get shorter? How did time begin to go faster?

I remember when I was 6 and in Kindergarten and would count the days, hours and minutes I had left in school. It seemed there was always “forever” left, no matter what I did. Now, it seems as if we’re running and running to save time, to pause it and stop it forever. Yet nothing seems to be working.

I’ve done a few tasks to prepare myself for the New Year and yet, I feel like I could always do more. There are so many important things you can do to save time for yourself and help your daily routine flow more. One of them, (which I’m sure we can all relate to), is our daily nighttime routine.

As much as we try to quickly take off our makeup, or skip it instead (which is extremely bad), we can still save a lot of time doing this and doing it the right way.

My sister began taking this pink little piece of cloth with her wherever she went. To San Diego and back, every time she would commute, this pink cloth would follow her and at first I never really asked her what she used it for, or what it even was. However once I began paying attention to her daily routine, I realized she was religiously using it to remove her makeup every single day and even “clean up” and almost edit her makeup in real life, when applying it, every single morning.

I was intrigued at why she would make a fuss when it wasn’t with her, or if God forbid, it was misplaced and lost. So I began to give it a try. Now the issue with my makeup removal is, is that because I wear fake lashes time to time, my makeup removal process can be a bit more difficult, as the glue doesn’t come off as easy. However when I began wetting the makeup remover and creating a damp like cloth, removal was almost scary easy. I kept checking the cloth to see if makeup even came off, as it was almost hard to believe it was that easy to erase it. It’s crazy how a cloth can get rid of so many products, where one may need to use 4-5 different brands in order to do so. The Makeup Eraser even lasts for 3-5 years, which is a HUGE plus!

All you do for the Makeup Eraser to work is, wet it and gently rub it in a circular motion, to remove eye makeup, glue, foundation and lipstick! The entire process perhaps takes a little over a minute and then you can use your cleanser to wash your face and apply a bit of moisturizer.

What’s your go-to nighttime routine? How many minutes does it take you to get it all done? Let me know below! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my posts and video on how I remove my makeup, on my Instagram HERE.

Until next time, Keep Smiling!

How To Pamper Yourself The Best Way!

There comes a time in our week that we feel run down, tired and drained , it happens, we’re human. However, it is important to listen to your body and understand it’s needs and wants, when this does occur.

Whether you decided to take a coffee break in your busy schedule, go for a run or call a friend, make it a priority to “check out” once in a while! Just the way your car needs petrol, or your iphone needs a charge, so do you! The more you take care of yourself, the more your body and mind will thank you. The harder you will work and the more positive you will feel.

Now, I love myself a good coffee catchup with a friend, however nothing makes me feel more put together, clean and fresh, than a salon visit! I recently discovered Sugar & Co on instagram and I was invited to give their salon in Sherman Oaks a visit and I was surprised.

Walking into the salon, I was greeted with the most sweetest staff. They asked me what I wanted to drink and offered champagne and delicious coffee. They had a massive wall full of colours to pick from and the nicest display when it came to lollies (candy) as well..just saying incase you had a sweet tooth! 😉

OnceI picked my colour they quickly assigned me to a comfy chair and got started. They were sweet, precise and quick with the job they did. My Pedicure and manicure was looking effortlessly amazing and it was such a great, needed pamper session.


What would normally take an hour or 2, literally took perhaps 40 minutes.  It’s the perfect break between any crazy day and the right time to whine down. So far it has been over a week since I have visited Sugar & Co and my nails are still shining, strong, with no chips in them. They did a great job on my gels nails and pedi!

PS: They’re looking to hire a nail technician in their Sherman Oaks salon, so if you know anyone interested, send over a quick email to to apply! 🙂

Moreover, It’s always important to keep in mind to listen to your body. When you feel like you’re lacking strength, energy or positivity, treat yourself to a 30 minute, or an hour break to relax. Listen to some music, read a book, or get your nails done. It’s the best feeling and you will never feel regret coming out of a relaxation session.

Remember the better you rest, the harder you’ll work. The more confident you’ll feel and most importantly, more powerful you’ll be.

What are some of your tips when it comes to relaxation and recharging yourself?!


Until Next time

Keep Smiling!

How to Invest in your Chest

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Happy Monday my beauties!

Now, you may realize we spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, makeup, handbags and hair. However, not many people talk about thing we wear every single day, things that may be crucial for us to always have on. How often do you upgrade your undergarments? How often do you clean out your underwear draw, the way you do perhaps your clothes or shoes? This is so crucial and needs to be done every so often. So todays post will be all about undergarments….underwear, there I said it.

No matter what size, shape or height you are, you probably have underwear on. Undergarments are so important. They can either make or break your outfit, change the shape of your look, the way you feel and move. They can make you feel confident, sexy and powerful, if matched correctly.


For example, if you struggle with finding your right bra, the perfect fit or look, I got you. Have no fear, Lilian’s here.

So whilst I was at LAX, wasting my life away waiting for the plane to arrive to head to Mexico City, I decided to search around for top sites for a bra. Now I know typically you’d go into the shops, have a try on a few bras and call it a day; however, I won’t lie, every single time I’ve gone to your typical shop, I’ve come out empty handed. My chest use to be much bigger, however after I began losing weight and dancing full time, I lost a lot of my size and since then I’ve struggled, not only finding my right bra size, yet cup size.

After searching for a few minutes, I found this site called UpBra. They’re known to have a “miraculous “ bra, with maximum cleavage and an adjustable lift. I was curious to see if their bra was all they said it would be and got the white and nude coloured bra’s.

The parcel arrived in a few short days in the cutest white box, with pink packaging. Each bra was packed individually, with pink cases for the bands. From first look the bras were made with great, thick material and were so firm. It was evident they’d have strong hold from the get go!

Before I tried on the garment, I realized the bra looked quite different than any other one I had ever tried or seen. It was then to my surprise that I noticed that you could separately control the degree of lift and cleavage and how much you wanted with your look. It has several hooks for your convenient and comfort to tighten or loosen your chests lift and cleavage and they’re all discretely tucked underneath the bra. I was so taken aback from this, as I had never seen anything like it. So depending on the time of day, the occasion, or event, you could literally control the situation you had. No wonder UpBra took 5 years to develop. The company went around and interviewed hundreds of women and asked   what they wanted in their miracle bra!

What the company created was much more than what anyone expected. It lifts and enhances cleavage and it also stays up when worn strapless. This is a huge plus, especially for women like me that have a bigger chest. It also works really well with women with a smaller cup size and it does it without excessive padding, making it look so natural, yet full.  We have to Thank UpBra now, I say! 🙂

It’s the only bra that has supported my chest, the way it does. It  gives me a snug fit, with no gaps or spaces in between. It lets me jump around, dance and move freely and most importantly, its comfortable.

I highly recommend UpBra if you’re looking for your first bra, an upgrade or a day to day comfortable and well supportive bra. You’re welcome! 🙂

Let me know if you’ve ever used UpBra before and what your thoughts were!

Until Next time..Keep Smiling!

I Tattooed my Face…Microblading 101!

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So, for the longest time I kept seeing “Feathered eyebrows” pop up everywhere and the term “Microblading” being thrown around. I always felt quite cautious to look into it and actually get it done, because I thought..”What if it goes wrong?”, “What if I don’t like it?” and etc.

However after getting them done once a few years ago, I thought It was time to begin doing my research and find someone’s work that I loved and a place I trusted in LA. I came across an Instagram account called @browsbytommy

She began the process by cleaning up my brows, evaluated them and used a ruler to mathematically measure them and draw in where the microblading would go. She was extremely cautious of getting them measured perfectly and symmetrically, which I very much appreciated! She took her time and never rushed the process, to ensure perfect results!

One thing I loved about Tommy’s process, was the fact that she applied numbing cream in between each session she went over my brows. She went over each brow about 4 times, to ensure the pigment went into the feathering cuts. Once she was done with this process, she measured my brows once again with the ruler, to ensure it was symmetrical and exactly the way I wanted them to be. The whole process took about an hour and it went by so quickly.

I couldn’t be more happier with my brows and find it funny how my audience has already noticed on the change and the added “arch” I always get questioned about. I feel very flattered you all love my new brows and can’t wait to go back for my touch up soon! : )

It’s truly the best feeling having to wake up and not add anything to your face and simply walk out of the house. After getting my brows microbladed, I feel put together all the time, with no makeup and it’s such a time saver!

Some frequently asked questions I received was “If the process hurt?”, “How long it lasts for?” and “If you can pick your own shade colour”. I answered all these questions in my video below and I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Let me know your thoughts on my brows & Comment below any other questions You’d like me to answer and I will! 🙂


You Can contact Tommy on (818) 807 0708 or by messaging her on her Instagram HERE.


Until next time, have a beautiful day!

Keep Smiling!



How to Get Ready in 3 Minutes for Summer!

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Summer is such a beautiful time to let go, be yourself and have fun with family and friends!

The days are warmer, they’re longer & perfect for any adventure! So instead of sitting around and taking all day to get ready, here’s a Top 3 minute Makeup look, that YOU can conquer ASAP! I get so many compliments when I create this makeup look, so I know you’ll love it too! You’re welcome! 😉

Now, as it’s the summer period, you know it’s going to be hot, sticky and humid. So try using products that will not only brighten up your face and under eye circles, but they’ll make you feel like you aren’t wearing a thing! I went ahead and used a light weight hydrating moisturizer by Vasanti, that could be found HERE. It was truly the perfect base I could begin my makeup look on and it felt like I didn’t have a thing on!

I then went ahead and quickly applied my eye wonder 2.0 eye cream found HERE and my foundation next! Now I must admit, I was so surprised at how great coverage the Vasanti liquid cover up had. It also came with a stick, so the application process was extremely easy too!

For my concealer I opted for their Y2 light beige concealer and the V1 Face base powder. Now as I mentioned, it’s extremely hot here in Los Angles and my makeup did not budge at all! Once the base was done, the rest literally took a short period to finish and we were done! I wanted a tan, glowing look, so I went for their “Sun Kissed” bronzer to contour, which is paraben free also; for blush I used “Life’s a Peach” & the highlight, their “Golden Child”.


Once I popped on their Eye Smile Mascara, Liquid Liner (which took me 2 seconds) and their lippie found HERE, I was complete! 🙂 It truly was a quick and simple look, yet it looked like I had began getting ready hours beforehand!


It’s so important to not only look your best, but to feel your best. So use makeup to enhance your natural beauty, enjoy every second of this beautiful thing called life & love with all your heart.

Let the Summer of 2018 be your best one yet! Promise?

Until next time, Keep Smiling!

5 Makeup Brushes Every Girls Needs

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Like many beauty loving girls, I have an absolutely massive makeup bag! It’s full of all sorts of odds and ends – I just hate throwing things out! You never know when it might come in handy, I say to myself… However, sometimes I think it would be nice to be more of a minimalist, carrying only the essential pieces that I know I’ll definitely use. While this might not be something I’ll be doing for all my beauty tools, after doing a bit of research I’m convinced it’s a pretty good approach when it comes to makeup brushes. Really all you need to be able to apply any look is five key brushes. Don’t believe me?! Here’s my guide to the most important ones:


1. Eyeshadow brush

First things first, always make sure you have a small and well-shaped eyeshadow brush for applying your favourite colours. The bristles should be relatively firm, but with a bit of give, and cut into a tapered shape at the end. This will allow you to apply eye shadow delicately over the contours of your eyelids. You can also use this brush to apply highlighting powder, but be sure to clean them in between applications if you’re using it for different types of makeup (you can find handy advice on how to clean makeup brushes online).


2. Flat foundation brush

Secondly, make sure you’ve got yourself a flat foundation brush. These are much bigger than eyeshadow brushes, but smaller than the powder brushes I’ll discuss below. While lots of us have used our fingers to apply foundation in the past, this isn’t actually a great idea because your fingers have a lot of natural oil which can clog pores. Brushes are better for foundation than sponges too as these tend to house nasty bacteria. Ugh!


3. Powder brush Next up is the powder brush.

This should be the biggest brush in your collection. Get yourself a satisfyingly soft bristled brush that gives a lovely smooth finish when applying blusher or foundation powder. Again, it’s great that these brushes are multitasking, but be sure you know how to clean makeup brushes before using them for lots of different purposes.


4. Concealer Brush

Second to last is the concealer brush, for sneakily hiding any little spots. These brushes are flat and small to allow you lots of control when applying concealer to a specific area. The ends are usually round with a slightly pointed tip.


5. Bristled brush for brows

Last but not least is the mighty brow brush. Sometimes our eyebrows just need a little bit of love and this firm bristled number will do just that. Buy a brush with a mascara type applicator on one end to help smooth down your brow, and a firm angled brush on the other, which can be used for filling in extra colour to give your brows more definition.


So, there you have it! The only five make up brushes you’ll ever need… Well most of the time. You know the idea of a capsule wardrobe? Well this is like that but for your makeup tools 🙂 Trust me, just try it for a few weeks and you’ll be left wondering why you ever needed anything else!

5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone & Succeed!

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The one thing majority of us do not think about every single day, is how short life really is. If you really have a look at it, we’re really placed on this earth for what seems like a few odd years, yet we are expected to accomplish so much, whilst also having fun on the journey. Having said this, if we are determent & action is enforced upon us, for us to go from A to B, this should not be a problem. We can in fact, have the cake & eat it too.

Growing up, I was always more shy than confident, more reserved then loud. It wasn’t until I was around 19, I thought “why not be 100% yourself”, “why not be the loud, funny person you can be?”. I would literally question myself daily, asking  “Lilian you are not going to see these people again..who even cares how you act & how they perceive you. Why don’t you be yourself?”

It was almost a strange magic experiment that occurred. On my 19th birthday I let go off my fear, I broke down those walls & almost instantly became the person I always wanted to be. However, this occurred only because of the steps I took prior to this point and it felt absolutely amazing.

I hope the below points help you in becoming the best unapologetic of yourself.

Acknowledge the issue & change

1: The first step to any change is acknowledging you have come across a wall or dead end and you need that change. Acknowledge the issue here and the change you want to create. Perhaps create a vision board, or a simple list of what you would love to change one day & visualize this change daily. Post it on your wall and memorize the steps, allow yourself to absorb all this information and get excited for these changes to actually take place.

Start Small

2: Now when people hear change, they almost automatically freak out. They think of instantly moving countries, going bold or any other huge life changing experience. All these are tasks that can be done, however you can start of small and build your way up high. Have you ever considered a hair change? however have been too scared to actually move forward with it? For so many years I would NEVER let go of my long black hair, however on my 19th birthday in fact, I went blonde and loved every second. Fast forward to this past week, I always wanted to try having a short  black bob, however was way too chicken to actually do it. So I came across a site called Perfect Locks and fell in love.

I took a look at their website and saw all the amazing options I could have on my head and freaked out. Long hair, short hair, coloured hair, neutral hair…the list went on and I was excited. I thought for once I will be brave and I will dramatically change my appearance, to see how I feel and look and it worked.

I opted for a lace front wig that was natural and 100% remy human hair. Now don’t let my wig talk fool you; prior to this I really had no clue how wigs worked, what was known as the best “type” and how to wear one, so it was all new to me. However, Perfect Locks made it so easy for me. The site is so great to navigate on, gain information and buy from. It truly was easy peasy!

  • Perfect Locks is known for their top quality remy hair
  • Their hair is so silky and thick!
  • Their prices range from $150 to $600 and its worth every cent!
  • They carry lace front wigs which look and feel so natural and authentic.
  • They have glueless wigs, with adjustable straps and clips.

Do Something that scares you

3: Ever since I was only 7 I knew I wanted to entertain audiences. Being a dancer since 3, I always loved performing ballet and dancing for audiences, however I didn’t know if I could get up and act in front of people, but that definitely was my dream. I always told myself, the day I start acting classes, is the day I may have a heart attack and pass out. Truly this is what I thought. Nothing scared me more or made me nervous. However in 2017, I thought i’d just bite the bullet. Because if not now when?!

Walking into that classroom was exhilarating, nerve racking, yet the most brilliant thing that I have ever done.I truly never felt more belonged in a room before and I wanted to breathe in and keep every second of that moment. Proves to show if you never try something new, you may not know how much you will actually fall in love with a new chapter of your life. So always give it a go!


Start taking care of yourself

4: When was the last time you exercised? The last time you pushed yourself to go to a class by yourself? If a “long time ago”, or “never” is your answer, you may need to work on that. They don’t say “exercise changes the way you think, move and act” for no reason! Have you ever finished working out and feeling like you can do ANYTHING? Now imagine having that feeling every single day. Wow right?!

It takes little effort and big results to push yourself out there and commit to a 20 minute workout, a dance class, or even a short yoga break. Your body and mind will truly thank you and you will be set for the day.

This will give you the perfect start to your morning and it will set the tone right. Do it, I dare you.

Be open to change 

5: For this first 25 years of my life, I associated change with negativity. I truly did. It even makes me feel dumb typing this. However it made me the person I am today.

It was not until recently, where I paused for a second and looked around me and realized only then, how much I had changed as a person, how much my mindset had altered and the people I wanted around me. If you told me where I’d be in the present, who I’d have around me and what I’d do for a living, I would never believe you a few years ago. However, if we’re being honest, I’ve never been happier. The universe and God bring certain things into your life only when you’re ready. This is when the change occurs. They shift those around you, they challenge you and take you on a journey. This change needs to be embraced. It’s only then, that you will discover the real you. The “you”, you have been waiting for and its the most magical feeling. So be open to change, challenge yourself and throw yourself into the unknown. You will never regret it.

How To Grow your Lashes & Brows Quickly

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Happy Wednesday Beauties!

It’s quite a cold day this morning, however I love the feeling of being all warm and snug inside, whilst its freezing out. I thought I write an in-depth review today with something that has helped me in the past.

In this day and age we have become surrounded by so many different products. Whether it comes to makeup, skincare and hair. So It is so important to do your research & find the best product for you and your routine.

I was never one to use eyelash or eyebrow serums in the past, as I always simply thought they are both something that simply grow “naturally” all our lives. However even if you’re blessed with great growing, fluffy lashes & brows, you can always take extra care of them, so they never stop growing.


This is when a friend told me about Boostlash & Boostbrow & I dived into it. The company has 3 products

  • An Eyelash Volumizing Serum
  • An Eyebrow Growth Serum
  • An Eyelash Growth Serum

Applying the Boostlash eyelash growth serum on your upper and lower lash beds, creates the active ingredients to be absorbed right where your lashes grow, into the lash follicles. This allows the serum to nourish the root of your lashes. Allowing them to grow longer and thicker, right where they grow.

Whereas, their second product Boostlash, coats the lashes with a powerful layer of formula, that enhances growth & volume. Both these products work hand in hand together, to create the  most perfect results for your lashes. From the roots, to the lashes themselves. Allowing the lashes you have and the lashes you will have in the future, to look nourished, become strong and longer.


When I personally began using the serums, every morning, or right before bed, I personally saw differences in strength almost immediately. My lashes are quite long, however they tend to fall out easily & one of the biggest differences I saw in them, was less fallout. Serums tend to take weeks for you to see real results, however with Boostlash, I can proudly say, I saw results in about 7-10 days. The more frequently you use it, the quicker you will see the results. I talk more about my experience in-depth HERE. 

They prove to grow

  • 17% in length in a 30 day cycle
  • 19% growth in eyelash diameter
  • 3 x more eyelash volume in a 15 day cycleHowever, I must say what I like most about them is their ingredients. These serums are filled with  grape stem cell extract & Vitamin B5 among other ingredients and these are what allows & stimulates hair growth amongst your lashes and brows.

I’d rate Boostlash as a top product to start using, when it comes to your brows and lashes. It’s easy to use, quick to see the results with  & an overall nice company! What has your go-to lash & brow products been?


Until next time, Keep Smiling!