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I Tattooed my Face…Microblading 101!

So, for the longest time I kept seeing “Feathered eyebrows” pop up everywhere and the term “Microblading” being thrown around. I always felt quite cautious to look into it and actually get it done, because I thought..”What if it goes wrong?”, “What if I don’t like it?” and etc.

However after getting them …

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How to Get Ready in 3 Minutes for Summer!

Summer is such a beautiful time to let go, be yourself and have fun with family and friends!

The days are warmer, they’re longer & perfect for any adventure! So instead of sitting around and taking all day to get ready, here’s a Top 3 minute Makeup look, that YOU can conquer ASAP! …

5 Makeup Brushes Every Girls Needs

Like many beauty loving girls, I have an absolutely massive makeup bag! It’s full of all sorts of odds and ends – I just hate throwing things out! You never know when it might come in handy, I say to myself… However, sometimes I think it would be nice to be more of a minimalist, …

5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone & Succeed!

The one thing majority of us do not think about every single day, is how short life really is. If you really have a look at it, we’re really placed on this earth for what seems like a few odd years, yet we are expected to accomplish so much, whilst also having fun on the …

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How To Grow your Lashes & Brows Quickly

Happy Wednesday Beauties!

It’s quite a cold day this morning, however I love the feeling of being all warm and snug inside, whilst its freezing out. I thought I write an in-depth review today with something that has helped me in the past.

In this day and age we have become …

How I Transformed my Hair

Good morning my Beauties!

As I sit here with my coffee on the left & a very long “to-do” list on my right, I cant help but to think how many times a day, I get asked about my hair. Whether it’s about the products I use, to if its all natural & …