The benefits of BodyArmor for working out

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2019 is well under its way and it’s exciting to see those around you reaching their goals, chasing their dreams and ticking off their lists.

One of the things I had promised myself, was to become more healthy and fit in 2019. Now this may sound like one of those generic goals, however being a dancer for the past 23 years, this has been my priority for years. However, with a current busy lifestyle full of work, travel and running around, “you” can easily become a last priority, amongst the daily tasks.

After educating myself with health documentaries, books and speaking to those who work in the health or fitness field, it became evident they all mentioned one thing in common and it was to fuel your body back, with what you take out of it, whilst working out. Much like the way your car needs petrol to drive, your body needs the right fuel to survive and keep going. It needs it’s energy, nutrients and vitamins to do its best and this is where BODYARMOR LYTE sports Drink, comes into the picture.

My brother being an active gym member for a few years now, introduced me to the brand and asked me to see if it made a difference to my workouts. After burning anywhere from 300-800 calories a workout, it was important for me to hydrate myself, with the correct ingredients, so my body never crashed.

BODYARMOR Lyte became a great source of hydration and nutrients. Packed with electrolytes, coconut water, vitamins and being high in potassium, it is exactly what your body needs to fuel up, after burning calories. With no artificial flavours and sugars and no preservatives, you know you’re putting your body first when your drink of choice is BODYARMOR. You know its a great drink to have in hand, when top athletes and trainers like Don-A-Matrix are recommending it, day in and out. So give BODYARMOR a go and see the difference it makes to your workout and how you feel right after!

So giveBODYARMOR LYTE a go and see the difference it makes to your workout and how you feel right after!

You’re welcome.

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