How To Stay Active, Confident & Positive!

It’s easier said than done and I know you’ve heard this numerous times, however remaining active, will allow you to remain stress free, less anxious, positive and more confident.

We hear this constantly, but do we put it into action? Do we understand the importance and power it may have?
As I sit here typing, sore from yesterdays workout, I remind myself, it may not have been easy to get up, put on some workout clothes and drag myself to the gym. However was it worth it? Yes.
Did I leave the gym regretting my decision? Absolutely Not.

There are a few things that help me stay active and happy. As a dancer for the past 21 years and an active gym member, I have learnt the necessities to remain happy and healthy.
Besides working out itself, these next few products keep me happy and eager to stay active!

– – – –

1: Vagisil ProHydrate Gel:

So many women have this issue, yet so many women are afraid to speak up and talk about it.
19% of females experience dryness down there and its commonly experienced once a week. This can occur whilst doing regular tasks, including working out. What Vagisil ProHydrate gels do is they relieve intimate dryness which can happen from time to time to women of all ages. The gel leaves your intimate area feeling more comfortable, so dryness doesn’t get in the way of your workout, whilst remaining fresh and clean down there!

Just the way it is so important to remain alert, with your vitamins, with your health and wellbeing, it’s important to keep your lady parts in check and healthy! 🙂

Vagisil ProHydrate gels are also a great solution to meet your needs as a female.  As woman to woman, it’s important to be able to  move comfortably and be able to stay active and workout for as long as you want.
In one easy application, it boosts your moisture and allows you to move freely, not worrying about anything else, besides what song to dance to next! 😉
What I love most about the gel, is that it has no added perfumes, dyes or preservatives. It is SO natural, you won’t feel anything extra, or out of the ordinary! You won’t even know you’re wearing it!

Give it a try and you can thank me later. You can find more about the product HERE
You’re welcome 🙂

2: The perfect Bra

So many women are so invested in what shoes they wear, what dresses and bags they have. However as females, it’s important to always have on the correct bra. Especially when working out!
We loose firmness, and experience so much movement whilst jogging, staying active and doing simple daily tasks. It is SO important to have the right fit, firmness and support when it comes to your sports bra. So the next time you are out and about, pop into your local activewear store or department and get fitted for the correct sports bra for you!
It can take as little as 5-10 minutes and it can save you a whole lotta pain and discomfort! 🙂

3: Water

This next one isn’t a tangible product, yet it’s as important (if not THE most important).
Drinking a Litre of water a day will change your life.
No, this is not a movie title, or a catchphrase, It’s the truth! About 8 years ago, I used to be one of those people that avoided water at all costs. When we went out, I had lemonade, I went to watch a movie, I had a boost drink instead.
It wasn’t until I began working out often, when I realized the importance of water. The way it made me feel and look.I literally began glowing.
Even now, I try to have 1 Litre a day and it does wonder to my skin, my energy levels and body!

Staying active, confident and postive can be your lifestyle change. It can be a change you create today and one that lasts a lifetime.
It can be a change that people associate with you, not only because you look amazing, however you act it as well.

So make that change today.

Keep Smiling!

Love Lilian x

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