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My Goals for 2015 with Makeup & Macaroons!

Just like everyone else, I was shocked when I had realized 2014 was actually coming to an end. 

Each year goes past quicker than the previous and that always leaves me thinking, how quick time is to judge us and and leave us wanting more. However …

A New Chapter for Lilian Tahmasian

Growing up, I had so many goals to reach.I was determent, driven and always a bit stubborn within my needs and wants. However I always had a main dream. That dream was to help inspire individuals around the world, with their confidence. My dream was for them to freely express themselves in style …

How to be the BEST YOU!!

Happy Friday Beauties!!

A while ago, I had the lovely opportunity in meeting Brooke from “The Beautiful Think” over coffee.
Coming across her website definitely inspired me as it was about sustainable fashion, making you feel good and inspiration (which if you know …


A mother is one of the most influential person one can have in their lives…

Without  my mother I would not have become half the person I am today. Her drive, positivity, dreams and aspirations are all something I have looked up to since i …

How to Become Popular!!! ♡


— adj

appealing to the general public; widely favoured or admired

      You don’t need materialistic things to become Popular & Loved. 



Watch my video above.
Until …

My Armenian Traditional Dance Concert


Hi my Loves!
If you realized I was a bit MIA during this past week, it was because it was my Dance Concert!
It was such a tiring and draining week; although I would love to relive each moment …